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    Bobby Thomas

    In the past I thoughts Thursday starting hole was based on where the player was currently positioned in the flight? Top 4 play together, next 4 play together, etc. Am I mistaken? I think that adds in some added excitement!!! Thoughts?


    You are correct

    World Am Staff

    The Thursday re-pairing will not be done this year.

    The amount of paperwork, communication, and planning that has to be done effectively in an incredibly small window for 3,200 golfers and 32 golf courses on Wednesday night (while the 19th Hole / score changes / rulings) are also going on is simply too much to justify. In an ideal world we would re-pair every round, but the size of the event simply makes it unfeasible.

    Bobby Thomas

    In the past with larger fields it was able to be accomplished. What changed with this year? Hard to understand…appreciate all that you do for the week. Just with the cost going up year over year, it’s a small request for the final day to have some added drama.

    Kirk Roberts

    Maybe they have staffing issues just like every other business. Just think about this. If you aren’t paired with the elders you need to play your best and hope that isn’t too good to get a revision for exceptional play! Seems that some people know how to play to their exact handicap. This way you might miss calculate and it cost you.

    Daniel Rousseau

    not cool this is what makes it feel like a tournament big difference playing first and second place sitting together and playing the course from the first tee ,this is enough for me not to come back ,to play for round of golf with buddy i can do that anywhere any time ,saying that is not justify really piss me off ,i’ll stop now ,and like all of you i will do my best on monday i know i will enjoy the week like i did for my 10 years playing at world am

    Daniel Rousseau

    ok I’m all calm down now 🙂 is it me or it could be as simple as putting numbers on cart instead of names we know are rank if your 12 sit on the cart with number 12 easy enough

    Lee Hooper

    Remember you have two flights per golf course and over 100 golfers so the cart guys are going to have a hard time getting everyone to their correct cart if you just have numbers. Is that number 12 on the front or the back tees. So now you have to make sure the golf course has a sheet from the night before so it has a list of the golfers in correct order for both flights. I know that sounds easy enough but do you think the course wants all that.

    Bob Newman

    Guys, when I have seen this happen, it was done by the host club. I fully understand it not being feasible from the WA STAFF. Also I can fully understand them not wanting to put this in the hand of the pro.
    Bill krimball— hope you have a great week.

    Mike Sigmon

    I’ve got to agree with Daniel, in every event I played in before COVID the last day was played based on scores in the flights without a hiccup now all of a sudden it’s not feasible no one is asking for you to re-pair every round, Just the last day like it use to be done even with more people than played this year that’s why people come to complete and play in what use to feel like a real tournament event. But each year now it’s feeling more like it is only a business to see how much money the tournament can make. Prices have increased several years in a row but the payout to the flight winners stay the same. There is no longer a welcome party there’s extra $ in the pocket but still we see price increase it is no longer the closest thing to a real pro event tournament.

    charlie colman

    👍👍👍 I agree on the re-pairing, Why should someone in contention have to put up with my game dragging them down. Let the leaders go head to head.

    Rick Kimbrell

    I don’t disagree it would take considerable effort but it was done for year before COVID. Figure it out and bring back pairing at least the top 1-4 and 5-8. They deserve to play with players with whom they really are in contention.

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