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    ernie kosmas

    Since the tournament is down over 3000 people since 2001 and since the tournament is losing people every year, isn’t it time to think about doing some things a little different?


    1. Revisit the age brackets and develop brackets that will appeal to a wider audience.

    A. The brackets could be up to age 40…..age between 41 to 49…..age between 50 to 55…..56 to 59….60 to 65….66 to 69…..70 to 75…..75 and above

    2. Eliminate women’s divisions and just use handicaps and correct tee boxes.

    3. Give people a choice to cone to the convention or not thus reducing entry fee by $200.00

    4. Go back to 100 people in a flight. The joke is now we have close to that number anyway per course per day. This will now make it a real accomplishment to win your flight.


    david tiano

    Some good ideas but…..
    The WA staff can’t reserve part of the CC for people who might go, based on the size of the field plus guests they need the whole thing.
    The convention center is a very large cost and yes something needs to be adjusted there. If they dropped it the would lose players. I don’t know what the answer is but I can do without it even if it was a $100 savings.

    I have asked to go back to 100 player fights and have top 2 or 3 from each flight to finals, but WA staff said the biggest complaint they get is pace of play and 100-110 per course would slow it down. Ya ya I know we currently have 90-100 now.

    I would like to add that everyone needs to understand that we need to grow and the largest area of decline is the age group under 49. Focus on that.
    I also would like to see some stats on number of new players we have had each year for the last five. My guess is that we are 80-85% returning players.


    David, as always I appreciate your thoughtfulness amidst another’s thoughtlessness.

    We generally have between 20-23% new players each year. Those number remain very consistent and we are currently at 21.8% for 2016. So as of right now we have 646 that have never played in the World Am. We’re excited about the opportunity to showcase the event to those players, and hope that the 2,400 past players are as well.

    The 19th Hole is an amazing part of our golf tournament and we fully understand its importance to the vast majority of players. It is important to remember that our goal with the price increase was to maintain the level of experience that people have come to expect and to add value to prizes and courses. If we only focus on how many players we get each year, this event will die. The focus has to be on the experience and the value, not the number.

    The notion of 100 player flight is a great one for us. It would mean less work throughout the flighting and scoring process, fewer handicap issues to deal with and a smaller prize budget. It isn’t better for you though, and that is why we don’t go back to it. More people win meaningful prizes with smaller flights. The amounts awarded to 1-5 are much better than awarding 1-10. Who wants a 9th place trophy or gift card amount when you can have 4th place?

    A minimum of two players from each course go to the Friday round as it is right now. With ties, it comes out to about 1.25 per flight, which is 2.5 per course. So taking the top 2 from 100 player flight wouldn’t make any difference and the top 3 would only be a slight increase, because we would have to break a tie for the third player to go.

    david tiano

    Thanks Jeff for the number of new players. Good to see + 20%. Hopefully we can retain 90% of them for next year.

    Mike Sterner

    Interesting information Jeff. Do you know how many people from last year are returning this year?

    Mike Sterner

    Sorry, I meant how many new people from last year are returning this year

    Bob Newman

    Jeff M. –nice to see you on the BB. how about shooting me your email address, I had it at one time and can not find it and I have a couple questions for you if you have time. Hope all is well with you and your family. I did not catch you at CC last year as I did not spend a lot of time there. The 2nds line for Friendly’s does not help me as that is the first place I hit while everyone else is fighting the food lines-LOL–I grab 2 cups in a flash and later the long lines keep me from stopping again, I therefore only gain 5 lbs the 4 days. That is interesting that the WA is averaging 20% new players each year but is not gaining in total numbers. Have you broken down avg age of new players, I hope it is below 50. I personally like the numbers being around 3200 as it has been for the last several years but that is just my opinion. Bob

    David Baker

    Ernie, Ernie, Ernie. I know you are both intelligent and thoughtful, yet your are advocating something that will never happen. This is a business pure and simple, and decisions are made with that in mind. I don’t believe that they are losing money, very few if any can can sustain that philosophy for very long. I know it is difficult, but for the most part they put on a good product enjoyed by many if not by all. I am sure that everyone has a slant on this or that. I am saddened that you aren’t returning. You are a fun guy and I enjoyed playing with you. Let go some of those millions you have stored away and come on down and tee it up. I wish you good health and straight drives.


    Tommy Briggs

    I travelled to the WA with 3 other friends and we are not this year and the cost is the primary reason, actually not the cost as much as “WHERE” the money goes.

    I am an alcoholic, so for me free booze has the same appeal as the zika virus. I think it is wonderful the WA offers top shelf liquor for free, and I am amazed the lines are so short but I also know a portion of my entry fee would go towards the cost of the liquor that I will never use. One of our group does not drink and the other two buy and bring their own booze, so the four nights at the 19th hole just are a little relief for them.

    As I mentioned we attended the WA as a foursome, we do not bring wives or girlfriends so the “FREE” guest passes that are included with each entry fee have zero value to us. I also recognize a lot of people bring their wives, girlfriends and children and use the WA as a vacation trip. To me the WA should charge for the guest passes, to insinuate they have no dollar value is insulting.

    Obviously we are also not interested in the bands because without our wives or girlfriends the entertainment is also unused and unneeded.

    I am a vegan, so the free food does not appeal to me at all. I also think standing in line for 15 minutes to get a couple of bites is more aggravation than worthwhile. I am sure there are enough restaurants in MB that you could find enough to offer a decent sized plate at a reasonable price, the restaurants still get the free advertising and people who actually want to eat can.

    BTW I won my flight last year for the first time ever so I am not complaining about the golf, I am amazed at how the WA is able to get so many people off on time, finished in reasonable time and how well organized it is.

    I have advocated and will continue to there should be two prices, one for the 19th hole and one without. Once you know how many people want to attend the 19th hole you can make the proper accommodations, maybe it has to be relocated to a larger country club’s facility. I have suggested rotating the 19th hole between restaurants with facilities large enough to accommodate the crowd, or just move it permanently to Broadway on the Beach.

    I hope everyone has a blast we always did and I will miss seeing many of you
    Fairways and greens

    jim mcdaniel

    If the WA was 4 rounds and go back to your hotel it would be like any other golf trip. The CC and all the things that go with it is whats attractive and sets it apart. We might have one or two drinks all week and a little to eat, maybe. We’ll go into the grand ball room once or twice for only a little taste of the entertainment. For the most part we’ll look at the booths, walk around and hang out the friends we have made over the years. Laughing with and at each other about how bad we played, etc. We do go out to some nice places to eat, do a little shopping and use the beach. It’s a great vacation with our wives and each other. we wouldn’t miss it. I am truly sorry for those that can’t get anymore out of the WA than just 4 rounds of golf. I believe you are just missing the whole point of being there.
    Jim McDaniel

    Rick Kimbrell

    Jim…you hit the nail right on the head!!! Most of the guys who come from the 2 clubs I play out of do not bring their wives. Some do. I see folks who I was paired with 25+ years ago who otherwise I probably would never see. We are never in the same age brackets now and many of us are in different handicap flights than we were back when. I enjoy the CC. It is a bunch of fun bragging about how well we played or how bad we screwed up. If you are in contention…there is something sort of magical about seeing you name up on the board as they roll thru the flights. Yes, I do drink but as far as food and adult beverages, I have liquor in my hotel room and we generally eat something at Harry the Hats before we go to the CC.

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    Bill Majercin

    Jim & Rick, Perfectly said. Myself I look forward to this yearly. Love the golf, have never played at a terrible course, (yes, some have been so so). Look forward to the seeing old friends, making new friends. 19th hole I go to 3 of the 4 nights every year. Go out to nice dinner 1-night during week. Love playing golf with 99.9% of foursome. Enough rambling, see you all in less than a month.

    Bill Hambrick

    Bill, Jim and Rick this will be my 13th year and look forward seeing old friends and making new ones. Granted the 19th hole is not as good as it was when Dupont was the main sponsor. All in all it is still a great week even if my golf isn’t.

    Tommy Briggs

    Hey guys just so we are clear, I never said anything about getting rid of the 19th hole.

    I don’t think it is fair that people who don’t use the 19th hole have to pay for it.

    I think players who bring their wives and children should pay for them.

    I think it is a lot of fun and think it is a benefit FOR THOSE WHO USE IT, I don’t use it and I don’t think I should have to pay for it.

    You guys have fun and good luck

    jim mcdaniel

    It would be impossible for the WA to plan all of the food, drinks and everything that goes with the CC without a handle on how many would use it. $’s and # of participants.

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