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    Joe Busch

    Let’s get the excitement rolling, I am ready to take the World Am trophy home this year!

    30 days out watch “Greatest Game Ever Played” –Harry Vardon: [to Lord Northcliff] Let me tell you something. I came here to win a trophy. And on the face of it Ted Ray, Joe Busch or I should carry it off. Not for you, not for England, but for sheer bloody pride at being the best, that’s why we do this. And if Mr. Ouimet wins tomorrow, it’s because he’s the best, because of who he is. Not who his father was, not how much money he’s got, because of who he bloody is! And I’ll thank you to remember that. And I’ll thank you to show the respect a gentleman gives as a matter of course.
    29) Go to range – work on swing plane, work on driver, work on short game, no need for lessons, you are ready to win the World Am; start drinking beer to celebrate your new found skills.
    28) But two dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls because you are worth it! Play a practice round, schedule a lesson on the driver.
    27) Taking lesson on Driver and woods, afterwards hit three buckets on range, play 9 holes, decide you need a new driver, also buy a dozen Titleist NXT golf balls, they are almost as good, more money for beer.
    26) Read Feinstein’s “A Good Walk Spoiled “, show this to course staff that don’t want to let us walk, cause two guys in a cart talking, then spending 5 minutes checking out how far out they are and what their options are before choosing a club, is faster than a focused golfer who thinks about his next shot while walking to his ball, has a club in hand and quickly makes his shot
    25) Putting practice in basement, forgot you have cats, have to find the balls, which all appear to be under sofa, need to work to work on stretching more to get down and get them out, drink beer to recover.
    24) Take a putting Lesson, spend three hours on green, and decide it might be wise to work on short game to get the ball a little closer to reduce all the putting strokes cause your putting stinks, drink more beer.
    23) Play 36-hole Rockville Open tournament, sitting at number 2 net after day one, forget to bring your game on day 2. Buy a dozen Bridgestone golf balls, they are almost as good as the NXTs, more money to pay for short game lesson.
    22) Read “Your 15th Club” by Robert Rotella, to improve your mental toughness, then proceed to mail various other Rotella books to your playing partners to mess with their swing thoughts.
    21 Viewing of “Legend of Bagger Vance” movie– Bagger Vance: “Put your eyes on Bobby Jones… Look at his practice swing, almost like he’s searchin for something… Then he finds it… Watch how he settle hisself right into the middle of it, feel that focus… He got a lot of shots he could choose from… Duffs and tops and skulls, there’s only ONE shot that’s in perfect harmony with the field… One shot that’s his, authentic shot, and that shot is gonna choose him… There’s a perfect shot out there tryin’ to find each and every one of us…” (Except us 20+ handicappers, we just pray we hit the ball).
    17 – 20) Take lesson on short game, spend three nights practicing, decide you better learn to hit those mid-irons on the green cause your short game needs too much work. Go home and watch Caddyshack (original only) –“You buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup.” Drink Tequila.
    13 – 16) Play practice rounds, then drink, and drink heavily, realizing you have to be ready for the Convention Center evening activities in Myrtle. Buy a dozen Top-Flite golf balls, so you can afford a taxi home each night.
    12) Read “Golf in the Kingdom” by Michael Murphy – best mental prep book, makes me want to move to BurningBush in Fife and seek out the fictional character, Shivas Irons, the perfect name for a mystic golf instructor, work on great drinking and eating after a round.
    11) Take lesson on mid-irons. Play practice round using Zen techniques; buy a dozen Callaway golf balls; drink more beer. Go to Rome, light a candle at the Shrine of St. Anthony, patron saint of lost causes.
    10) Watch “Tin Cup” — “Then there’s the 7-iron. I never miss with the 7-iron. It’s the only truly safe club in my bag.” Go out and buy a pair of those cool pants. Visit Kings Cross website for the latest Knickers outfits. Polish golf shoes, if the game isn’t sharp at least you will be.
    9) Read Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons, the Fundamentals of Golf,” realize I don’t have the ripped muscles of Ben. Burn all golf magazines with tips that will improve your swing in three easy steps
    8) Scour the woods for some golf balls to save a buck. Watch the youtube video on the history of Golf by Robin Williams, pour a large glass of Lagavulin, a fine single malt whiskey!
    7) Read “Decisions on the Rules of Golf, 2015 – 2016”, be prepared for the rules nut who insists whatever you decide is wrong; favorite one is the rule for when your ball is next to a live snake or alligator – do you really need a rule book to tell you not to go near that ball!
    6) Read Mark Frost’s “The Match.” Now I am ready for golf combat, go to driving range buy large bucket of range balls, take them home and paint them white and write Titleist on them, sell them to Harry Radley for $20 dollars per dozen, get a free bottle of wine.
    5) Read every book ever written by Herbert Warren Wind – The Complete Golfer, Vardon on Golf, On the Tour with Harry Sprague, etc. Buy the book, The Story of American Golf: Volume One
    1-4) Pack my clubs and rain gear. Drive to Myrtle, map out my courses, find some practice rounds and enjoy!

    Bill Hambrick

    Joe, my 30 minute pre round routine. 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer. Repeat as needed and time allows!!!

    tommy seymour


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