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    Joe Busch

    Playing at Farmstead Golf Links, at the end of a tough round with a less than congenial playing partner, come up to the challenging par 6 18th hole. There is a favorable wind at my back and I decide to play it safe. Get up to the tee box, all ready to go when said playing partner quickly alerts me to out-of-bounds way right and water down the left side.

    I take a deep breath, settle back in and hit a smooth shot that proceeds to sail straight left, into the water. Playing partner heckles, “What the hell did you hit with there, might as well as used your driver if you was going to hit a sh*** shot like that!” I proceed to hit on the head with my actual driver.

    So, does he incur a 2-stroke penalty under 8-1 for asking which club I used?


    Bill Hambrick

    I think that he definitely incurs a 2 stroke penalty and being that your club was damaged during NORMAL play you can replace it.

    Kirk Roberts

    I would say not only does he deserve two strokes. I might have a quick case of allergies and sneeze a time or two as he sets up to swing. Or maybe stub your spikes in his line.
    There has to be that one smart @$$ that has to mess with you at the wrong time. Karma is a bitch!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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