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    Danny Fox

    Really, $500 for my wife and I the get in the 19th hole early, come on. The siting and food. We all have people we meet up with, I think I’m a no on this one, and I love the WA and the 19th hole.

    david tiano

    Scott or WA Staff,

    Can you give more detail on this benefit:

    Chance at exclusive contest prizes
    automatically entered to ‘Blade & Bow Club Championship’ Flight
    (Winner receives 2022 World Am entry fee)

    What is the Blade and Bow Club Championship? Is it another event on Friday following normal play?
    Is it a tournament within a tournament?

    Thanks for hopefully clearing this up as it needs more explanation.

    Bob Newman

    I too am not impressed with this. I never eat at the CC, my niece cooks way better and is never a line. I may have one drink there and usually a friend has it waiting on me. I do enjoy wandering around the vendors and seeing people. I’m glad the 19th hole is back. My biggest concern this year is the condition of the courses we play.

    Christine Remines


    Is the Blade & Bow fee of $249 does that cover participant and guest or would the cost be $498 for both persons, thanks.


    David – the Club Championship flight is similar to Pairs Competition tournament within tournament with exception to Friday aspect. Another shot at prizing for those involved in the form of World Am discounts.

    Christine – it is $249 per person.

    Tony Robison


    I signed up for this and added a guest who is also a WA participant. Is he eligible for the Club championship since I signed him up as a guest?

    Walter White

    I hope they will. He is playing and paid too.
    I see last call for the VIP so it has not filled up I guess.


    @Tony Robison – We will fix this for you. For next year have him sign up himself as a participant VIP. As a default all guests are assumed non-competitors and our system wouldn’t know to add him to the competition.

    Tony Robison

    Thanks Scott! See ya in a few weeks

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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