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    Rick Kimbrell

    Committee – can I assume the courses on the website are for 2018 event? I do not remember seeing Diamondback or Brick Landing on last year (2017) rotation. So, just checking and making plans for pre and post WA rounds for this coming year. Thanks


    Hey Rick – Yes courses are up to date. 61 courses this year as opposed to 54 in 2017. Skins events have also been established and are listed. Will open March 13 alongside regular registration.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Thanks Scott. Brick Landing caught my attention. It was my first World Am course my first year in 1988.

    John Cossaboom

    Yup. Nothing like the “brick”

    david tiano

    I don’t understand the logic. With attendance declining would it make more sense to add better golf courses then some of the “not as nice” golf course.

    Arcadian Shores
    Brick Landing
    Crow Creek
    Indigo Creek
    Lockwood Folly
    Lions Paw
    Sea Trail Byrd
    Tigers Eye
    Wachesaw East

    We can debate till August on courses but I would pay my own money to play some of the courses you have on the overall 61. Why not cut the list down to top tear courses. By adding 10 more course you take away some of the better courses that we might draw.

    This is not a negative post I do like a couple that you did add. I just don’t understand the logic as we all would like this event to grow and if someone gets a bad draw or maybe a rain out on there better courses in the draw they might not return. Your organization should be rewarding the better courses with play.


    Scott Porter

    One could hope that by adding courses the size of the flights could be reduced and have a positive impact on the pace of play as well as give a few other individuals a chance at the BIG DANCE. Probably just wishful thinking on all accounts lol

    Aaron Ellis


    Out of all those courses you mentioned that were added, I have played at the majority of them. Will give a snapshot of what I know and a rating 1) Top 2) Mid 3) Bottom if I was guessing for what you may get!

    Arcadian Shores – never played but know they have done quite a bit of renovation lately, so I’d assume the best (2)

    Brick Landing – Hadnt played there in probably over a year, but its a fun layout, some short holes and some that stretch out, beautiful starting and finishing holes! I wouldn’t call it your best course ud get, but ive played worse! (3)

    Crow Creek – Played there just a week ago roughly, new greens, not as fast as said in clubhouse that day, but smooth, also rock hard since they just opened back in Oct! Course overall was in superb shape! (2)

    Diamondback – Hadnt played it in a while, heard they have done some work to cut some trees down and course was in better shape as long as you don’t catch it after a heavy rain, heard it still gets muddy after a good bit of rain! Only downfall to this course is the drive, but if you stay in the middle of the area its no worse than driving to the far north or far south! (2-3)

    Indigo Creek – Another course I hadn’t played in a while, but was just an average course, been there quite a while, not great, but wasn’t trash! (2-3)

    Lockwood Folly – Never played but heard its nice! (2)

    Lions Paw – Another course ive never played but should be decent since its a Cats course! (2)

    Sea Trail Byrd – Played there 2-3 Times, had it in the World Am, had punched the greens just a few weeks prior to the tournament, bumpy as all could get out, bunkers were half raked, looked like management didn’t give a crap, wasn’t happy, could care less to play again, but heard they have new management, so maybe it has improved, greens would of been fine if they hadn’t been punched! (2-3)

    Tigers Eye – Played here multiple times, only gripe was they have bent grass on the greens or least did and greens had some really bad patches in them, some greens great, some not so great! But beautiful course! (2)

    Wachesaw East – Played here my first World Am I believe, glad it got added back to the rotation, tough course, but had always been a fun course that stayed in relatively good shape! Used to host a LPGA event! (2)

    Out of all the courses, there are none that id be overly disappointed in getting, I mean especially if it was the worst course I got for the week! Just a little snap shot, I mean if I came out with Wachesaw, Crow Creek, Brick Landing and then a nice course as my 4th Id call that a good 4 pack! 1 good, 2 mids and 1 that’s lower end!

    david tiano

    Thanks for the course evaluation. I have played almost every course in myrtle beach and yes I agree with your evaluation but you missed my point.

    Last year we had 3011 players and why would you increase the number of course if you are expecting a decline in attendance. Increase the quality and maybe you would increase players.


    The one thing you have to remember is that we are playing in worst part of the year for a lot of these courses. Depending on the heat of the summer the greens might be stressed to the point of losing them. The courses are in the prime season right now, or, should be. June through August is really MB’s off season. Prime season for beach goers as you can tell by the hotel prices. If you would have played Tiger’s Eye in the March Championship you would have given it a 4 or 5. The greens were so fast they were unplayable and the course super didn’t have the brains to put the pins in playable spots. Practice round we had 26 out of 27 guys take pick up double bogeys and one guy lucked into a birdie from off the green. We would have been there all day if you had to hole out. Putts up to the hole from the front that missed were 35′ back to your feet. During the tournament there were quite a few max 9’s taken because you couldn’t stop a ball by the hole. When you putt up to the hole and it stops 2″ beside the cup you shouldn’t expect that it would roll all the way past you and off the green. Whoever runs that course should have been fired!

    Scott Porter

    I could not agree with you more on the course conditions in March. I can honestly say it was the first time I played in the event and the last.

    David Baker

    Wachsaw East I played last year. Was a great layout and in good shape. Hard for me to call that a bad course. Crows Cree, fairways weren’t great but the greens were good. I would think by ug they would be in pretty good shape.Have played Arcadian Shore many times and really enjoyed the layout. I would say that the course was in good, not great but good condition. I wouldn’t have any problem playing any of those I listed.



    David – Our organization goal is to showcase any golf course willing to host. Most Myrtle Beach facilities want this opportunity.

    Courses used is not relative to participation. It’s total host rounds that matters. We determine total amount of rounds based on expected flights and players per flight. However many courses that shakes out to be is not considered.

    This year, we are adding total host rounds because because we intend to be up again in participation from 2018. It just so happens more courses want the opportunity for why more courses are used.

    The year 2017 we had 3,011, in 2018 we had 3,200 and this year we are projecting near 3,300. No declines in participation here.. keep spreading the good word! We rely on you all to help!

    Rick Kimbrell

    You know, I play in 2 traveling tournament leagues in the Greater Houston area and between those 2 we play 35 different golf courses. I have played every course that the WA has added. I also read as many reviews as I can on MB golf courses. Based upon my experience at playing these courses which have been added, I can truly say that each of them would compete with any of the 35 courses I play in these tournament leagues in so far as layout and character is concerned. The problem we have each year for the WA is we have no idea what the greens of any of the courses will have for us. In 31 years of playing in the WA, the absolute worst greens I have ever had to play on was at one of the more premiere courses in MB. Barefoot Norman. We never should have been there. They did not have a dusting of sand on them. They had sand layered on them. Anywhere from 1/8″ to 1/4″. Try putting on that crap. I played the Witch one year and their greens were almost bare…but they were packed down and as bad as they looked, they putted smooth. Try putting on 1/4″ of sand. Glad to see the WA spreading out the courses.

    john wolf

    Mr porter it is your loss for not playing in the March event. A few greens were a lil quick and tough. The rest of the course was great

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