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    Michael Linthicum

    With this being my first WAM what happens if a round is cancelled due to weather? any reimbursement for cost? do they count total for rounds played to determine flight winners?

    Timothy Tullio

    in past years, rain check for that course, have a year to use it. knock wood, i’ve only lost 2 rounds in 11 years.

    Michael Linthicum

    i havent been to MB since 2015 so that would really be no good for me but the percentage that you just shared is encouraging. just looked at my weather app and morning thunderstorms for 2 of the first 3 days. still 10 days out so hopefully that changes for the better. Also hope this southern heat wave in central Georgia (feel like temps in the 110’s) misses the WAM area

    Ken Delaney

    If the round is cancelled due to weather, then only the sum of completed rounds will determine flight winners.

    And if you end up with any rain checks (and I hope NO ONE does), you can always barter them at the 19th hole (never rains there), or make a deal for them right here on the BB.

    Daniel Rousseau

    Hi guys got in yesterday rain more rain and guest what more rain forcast don’t forget your rubber boo

    Charles Gray

    With the optimism just shared I certainly am glad to know that we are still 9 days out. How about some positive vibes and good mojo rather than doom and gloom. With enough good thoughts maybe, just maybe 3200 of us can influence the weather!!

    Daniel Rousseau

    Yeah your right sorry about that😄it’s already starding to change

    robert mills

    I been playing 13 years ..rain USUALLY ccomes in quick and leaves quick and mmostly in afternoon ..just be prepared jjust in case .. but we praying for ggreat wweather ..

    Bill Majercin

    No Bad Mojo golfers. Weather will be great. Pray for 75 and low humidity, settle for minimal sprinkles of rain🤣

    Tommy Briggs

    In 2015 the first round was called due to inclimate weather, and brother was it inclimate. My roommate and I had to bring our bags in, take out all the clubs, everything in all the pockets was drenched, it was an absolute nightmare considering we had to go back out the next morning.

    A couple of years later we were playing in the State Mid-Am and played the last 6 holes in a monsoon, again, everything in the bag was drenched, I remember sitting in the hotel room with the hairdryer trying to dry out my gloves.

    Anyway the point is this, a friend of mine asked me if I had ever looked at a golf bag condom. If you have never looked at a golf bag condom I strongly encourage you to. We played the City Championship today and finished in a rain storm. I had my golf bag condom on and when I got home and took it off, my bag was perfectly dry. It is an absolute must along with rain gloves for any golfer who is forced to play from time to time in inclimate weather. They are available on Amazon for $25.00 and here is the link if anyone is interested.

    PGM Waterproof Rain Cover Rain Coat for Golf Bag

    Mark Hancock

    Michael: It’s Myrtle Beach so you can expect it to rain so bring your gear. In my five previous tournaments (12, 15, 16, 17 & 18), I had a round rained out twice so I have had three four-round tournaments and two three-round tournaments. I don’t recall being offered a rain check, but since I live in Atlanta, it wouldn’t really have any value to me.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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