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    Rick Rubrigi

    Not sure about anyone else but this a giant leap backwards from the Broadway at the Beach.
    There are more people hovering around outside than inside, takes forever to get a beer inside, and $6.00 for a Miller Lite is ridiculous.
    You really blew it on this one.

    Terry Cornelius

    I won a voice caddie, so I was happy. Seriously, though, the only drawback I saw was HOB refusing to put out more tables in the bar area. Beyond the control of the Committee. Shelby, the upstairs bartender was awesome.

    John Mudrock

    I agree with Rick, they advertised there would be drink and food specials offered. The prices were only special for HOB very disappointing!

    John Cossaboom

    And I agree with Terry regarding Shelby, they were awesome.

    Rick Kimbrell

    I did not go often to the Welcome Party at Broadway at the Beach but I really did not see any significant change either way by it being moved to House of Blues. At Broadway at the Beach there was a throng of people outside, same thing at House of Blues. At House of Blues, you could get a beer or a shot right as you walked in from the parking lot (parking was much more convenient at House of Blues). Do not remember getting a drink being that convenient at Broadway at the Beach. As far as food specials is concerned, this is what I found when I followed the link ( World-Am Kickoff party ) in the email I got
    “We are excited to host a 5th Annual Sunday Kickoff Party! Participants and guests will ascend on House of Blues Myrtle Beach for live entertainment, drink specials and dancing!”
    Mentions drink specials (probably the shots they had outside) but don’t see anything about food specials mentioned.
    And, I don’t remember adult beverages being any cheaper at Broadway at the Beach.
    Just trying to be objective about the change of venue.

    Mike Sigmon

    Well for me House of Blues Sucked it was like being put in a sardine can and surely was not much for a food choice and like Rick said above the beer prices was crazy…as for me if the world am goes there again next year you’ll have a little more room because I surely will skip it for sure…Not that anyone cares LOL

    Ken Delaney

    I too thought the HOB was a little tight. I welcomed the change and I also understand why the WA tried it. I believe they were concerned about the weather (which always seems to have a say). If I could vote, i would vote to go back to BATB and perhaps rent a huge tent to protect from potential rain. Having the multiple choices of bars and venues was better. We never waited for a drink at Broadway (and we did at HOB). But it wasn’t their fault as they were overwhelmed.

    Bill Majercin

    Definitely did not enjoy House of Blues. Extremely long lines to get a drink. If you weren’t one of the first to get a table, others never did. Place was like a closet full of people. Will be back next year for World Am, but won’t come to House of Blues

    Danny Fox

    Like others my Wife and I did not enjoy this years kick off party. No one in our group noticed any drink or food price specials. Once inside if you were looking for anyone it was to dark to really find them, and the wait for drinks was crazy. HOB knew how many people there was going to be, you would think they would have had a lot more help on hand. I also think the Party needs to be moved back to Broadway, just seems like there was a lot more inter action with it being there. I will be back for the WA just not sure about the party if its at the HOB.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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