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    Tommy Briggs

    I try to introduce some topics that are interesting.

    What part of your game are you working on as you prepare for the WA. Could be a part of your game, like putting, for me I am always working on my temper. My frustration with the game leads to the use of some words that are not used in everyday conversations, often at rather loud decibel levels.

    Being Catholic I have to go to confession and confess my sins. I remember one time telling my priest about my temper and the language I used on the course. He told me, “Tommy you are too hard on yourself”, he said, “I cuss when I play golf.” I told him, “Yes Father but I think I use some different words than you do.”

    Bob Newman

    After shooting a 97 on Tuesday I have decided to work on everything I probably used some words you have not learned yet Tommy. It was embarrassing the way I played, topped shots, fat shots, shanked shots. And this was after a lesson last week on vacation, and practicing every day on new feel. I’m taking two weeks off and then try to get it together before the WA. THIS is the closest I have come to wanting to give the game up. I will improve or I’ll cut 4” off all my irons”—that way they will fit in the trash cans easily.


    The easiest way to prepare for the World Am assuring you of playing 6 strokes better is to carry an additional club in your bag each time you play. Then after 3 holes declare that you have 15 clubs and because you play by the rules you give yourself a 6 stroke penalty and then take the club out of play. You continue to do this for 12 months every time you play for 12 months then when it comes time to play in the WA you only use the regulation 14 clubs and POW you play 6 strokes better.

    LOL JK

    Ken Weatherford

    I work on getting those two women off the green when they were there for 10 minutes. My buddy said he was going to go get them off so he jumped in the cart. About five minutes and he’s back. He said, “Ken, I just couldn’t do it! As I got closer to the green, I noticed one was my wife and the other was my girlfriend.” So, I told my buddy I’d handle it. Jumped in the cart and about five minutes later I get back to the tee and say, “Damn Bob! Small world aint it!

    Okay, seriously, I like working mostly on my short game, since it sucks so bad. Actually, the putting is good but the chipping and pitching is horrible. Then, playing around last night, no skulls. Eureka moment that I’ll ingrain for life. Naaaaa! Always forget those ah ha moments in golf. If I just play a stroke (or five) better, I would be happy. As someone else said, I also love the skins. Somehow I always seem to win one most of the time…and on the last day!

    Bill Hambrick

    12 ounce curls to strengthen my BEER DRINKING arm!!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    I have stepped up my Scotch intake over the past 3 months. Trying to get my body accustomed to the amount of alcohol I normally consume at the WA. Waiting too long to do this throws your body into shock.
    Other than that…I an trying to figure out how to play golf with a 10 finger grip instead of overlapping I have used for year. Had a supposedly cyst taken off my ring finger on right hand but after 1 month whatever it was is back and more painful than before.

    Bob Newman

    Harry, you can only get a total of 4 strokes for carrying too many clubs. I would think that purposely trying to alter your handicap might fall under “the Spirit of the Game”. If someone wants to manipulate the system it isn’t hard to do.


    Its OK Bob, I know what you mean and where you coming from. I once had a WAM Hcp of 0.9 several years back but it looks like I will be returning in 2020 with a Hcp of 10.9. Its not because Im a sandbagger or manipulating the system, its because I am old and SUCK

    Then again I did graduate from the “LUTRALL UNIVERSITY” with a diploma in “LEPHANOMICS”

    (personal joke for those how get it)

    Bob Newman

    Harry, we are telling our age if you remember him. How long ago was that, I’m thinking about 7 years ago.


    Hey, Rick Kimbrell, have you ever tried the Double Overlap Grip? I had to go to it several years back because of pain in my fingers. Surprisingly, it actually freed up my swing and I started hitting the ball farther. Thought I was going to have to quit golfing before I tried this. From what I heard Jim Furyk is the only other guy that grips the club this way. It works for me. Don’t know exactly where your pain is hitting though so maybe it works, maybe not.

    Larry Handley

    At my age trying not to get injured before the WA.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Jeffrey Barbas, that is one of the options I have been trying. I have a recurring cyst on the side of my ring finger of my right hand next to my pinkie. Overlapping grip it is rubbing and painful as all get out. I am having mixed success with double overlap but it is not much worse than the 10 finger (watch out hook) grip. Thanks

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