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    Friend have been asking me too come stay at his condo and play in this event , finally the stars have lined up and I can play this year. Even after friends that have ask me, have rant and raved about it the first few years now they played this year with the increase they wont be playing . Of course the year I can the price increases $150 and now I have too find a condo and eat the increase. My question is what is being offered, what is in the goodie bag, what restaurant’s are being featured, what courses are associated, who and what entertainment will be at the convention center. Everywhere I look the dates and the entertainment don’t match up , nothing on the menu or the goodie bag. you would think all this would available way before registration opens, can someone enlighten me. I apologize if I’m not looking in the right place. Thank you

    Jason CORUM

    Wayne it’s 100% worth the price. Not because of the food, or the goodie bags and things ms like that. All of that is great and it would be worth it alone.

    The real value in this event are the friendships you will gain. After 12 years in this event I can truly say I now have friends all over the country and all over the world.

    I’ve had WorldAm players from all over play with me in my member guest at home. I’ve played with several in theirs. I had a friend from Englad come stay with us a week before last years event. I had a friend from Chicago text me while I was typing this. You will meet some amazing people and a few aholes (Barbas). Lol

    All of these people from all of these places I would have never had a chance too meet if it wasn’t for the WorldAm.

    All of this coming from a guy who was DWed a few years ago. I don’t always agree with everything they do but if anyone asks me if its worth it it’s 100% yes.

    Jason CORUM


    david tiano

    Most of what you are asking, Food Vendors, Goodie Bag, Entertainment & Courses come out later when they are finalized.
    There is a course list posted and most likely you will get 4 courses on the list.

    Also the price only went up $50 not $150. Lodging is very reasonable so you can find some deals. Look to stay central MB as your courses will be North, South and Central.

    Enjoy and welcome.


    Jason, Always nice meeting new people but when you lose a free place too stay, it is lot nicer convincing the boss (wife) a reason too spend another $1000 too come play and too leave her 4 days of the of the week since the other 2 guys and their wives decided not too attend because of the increase. he has been inviting us the last 3 of 5 years they have been playing too stay with them , My fault, snooze you lose.

    David, Does the World Am always conduct business this way , pay first then we will tell you what you get, THATS SOME BS !!!! before I even spend the $525 or put a deposit on a condo I WANT TOO KNOW WHAT I AM GETTING, Can’t believe people pay first then find out, Comes down too it we have been invited too come with the other 2 couples the week before (which the wife wants too do) I just like too experience the competition format once, thank you also

    Jason CORUM

    Wayne, do you know what’s going to be in your goodie bag when you sign up for tournament at home? It is what it is, plan on a shirt, hat, windbreaker, balls a gift card and other trinkets.

    The 19th hole is four nights free drinks and food. Different entertainment each night.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Wayne just tell the wife to come on we are going to Myrtle Beach and I’m getting in one of Jason’s skin games and going to win a skin and pay for our trip…if you come and play once I think you’ll come back again this will be my 3 year and like Jason said above you meet people you’ll call friends for life…and you just might win a skin like I did and pay for your trip then you’re really hooked LOL I missed winning my flight by ( 1 ) shot in 2014 after playing in Jason’s Friday’s loser’s skin game tournament I sure was glad for once that I missed a par putt in one of my rounds. See you at the world Am 19th hole we all can meet and greet at Jason’s and his wife’s booth there…

    Jason CORUM

    Also got a message out of the blue from one of our skins games players with an extra ticket for Sunday at the masters. Thank you Mike George!!!

    If it wasn’t for meeting him at WorldAm I would have never got to go.

    garnet walter

    Jason, that is awesome. I am so jealous. Have an awesome time at the Masters.

    Bob Newman

    Jason, great that you are getting to come to the Masters, it is an experience like none other. Only one other place that I know of that rivals the beauty of it and it is located about 20 miles away and ic called Sage VAlley. Its too late now but you can get on it for only $3000 for a tee time (4). Sage is where a Junior Invitational is help 10 days after the Masters hosting the top 54 boys in the World.
    Have a wonder day.
    Wayne, I play in this event primarily for the Golf Tournament. I do not look at it as a bargin but just want the experience of tournament golf. A net event is the only way I can experience that. I like the fact that it is 4 days vs. 2 or 3 of most other events. Try it and find out for yourself.

    Aaron Ellis


    The majority of what is going to be in the gift bag is now posted online for you to see, expect a few small other trinkets in there as well usually. Last few years things like a sleeve of balls, nice bag tags, divot tools, ball stamps and other small things have found their way into the bag, last year I think there was a small bottle of John Daly’s Vodka in there as well. But the major stuff is posted online, Greg Norman Weather Resistant Jacket, Greg Norman Polo, NexBelt belt (really nice belts, I own about 4-5 of them, the ratchet system allows you to have a perfect fit), Club Glove World Am Logo Driver Headcover, World Am Hat, and $20 Gift card to PGA Superstore!

    Kirk Roberts

    Last year I decided to stay closer to the Convention Center. If you start calling some of the places that have world am discounts you might save enough to make the wife happy. Or check VBRO they have some godw deals as well.
    Jason is correct when he said the tournament is juts the tip of what you will remember. Your get to play with different people each day and that makes it easier to meet new friends. I go to the Convention Center to see those people that I have met over the past few years. Granted the initial sticker shock will make you wonder but it is worth the money. Memories are priceless. So if you haven’t entered I recommend that you go on the website and check out the available discounts on lodging…. AND MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE WORLD AM DISCOUNT.
    Good luck and we will see you in August.


    THANK YOU ALL, for all the info on your past experiences, but we have decided too come the week before with the friends that have are not coming for the first time in 5 years because of the increase mostly, and the disappointment in entertainment . They also have mentioned a few nice people but most take the tournament way too serious, told unless I bring a footwedge don’t planning on placing in the top 20 in your flight Just figure better too come the week before play with friends and wife will have the other wives she knows too shop and hang with while we golf on the condo owners discounted prices . Fee place too stay, rounds of our choice under $40 with FULL breakfasts and lunch and beers, its a no brainer, THANK YOU ALL maybe I or they will change their minds next year

    Rick Kimbrell

    Wayne, sounds like sour grapes coming from whomever you are talking to. It is not the tournament’s fault that your buddies are not coming. If that keeps you from coming so be it. I have played straight up golf and have finished in the top 10 multiple years. Only won my flight one year out of 28. Have never had to cheat to finish in the top 10. Just had to play close to my handicap. To me, it sounds like you had already talked yourself out of coming before you ever posted here. The increase in the entry fee is not that big of a deal. As stated…it is only $50 if you do the early entry. Sorry you will miss out on the fun. Enjoy your non tournament week.

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