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    Kirk Roberts

    I know that this year there hasn’t been as much participation on here but there might be a few first timers that have questions about what to do and expect each day at their courses. So here are a few of the things I try to do and pack.
    First of all expect to have some rain. So PLEASE take your rain gear and extra towels. My friends pick at me when they see my trunk because I always have extra towels with me. And guess what I get to have dry clubs!!!
    I also pack some zip lock bags to keep my scorecard in. You can either keep the original in your bag and use a regular card and then transfer your score to the real card or place the card inside the bag and keep it in your cart or on your person. And when its raining I use and ink pen.
    Warming up…. Now most courses have a driving range BUT they don’t usually have 80+ golfers wanting to warm up at the same time. So I suggest that those that have to hit a large bucket before they play get there early! I try to hit maybe 20 balls before a round and avoid working up a lather and then getting all stiff waiting to go play. The same goes for putting.
    If there is a skins guy first of all make sure he IS THE SKINS GUY and then go ahead and pay him early so that he can get ready to play as well. Waiting till last second to find him is really rude on your part….and if you win something…..TIP THE GUY. He doesn’t have to do this so thank him somehow.
    And the most important thing. For those that enjoy a cold beverage or two at the course…I suggest you take a SMALL cooler with you and ask if you can use one of theirs or yours in case the course doesn’t have any. That way you can buy a few beverages and some ice at the clubhouse. Then restock when you see the beverage cart. With a course full of thirsty golfers she will be busy and you might not see her but once or twice all day so stock up when you do see her.
    OH and HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE FACT THAT YOU ARE NOT AT WORK. AND TRY NOT TO PISS YOUR PLAYING PARTNERS OFF WITH NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS AFTER EVERY SHOT. None of us are that good to hit it perfect very often. If we could we wouldn’t have to play in a tournament such as this one. IT SUPPOSED TO BE FUN

    Paul Puckett

    Please be aware this is not the correct advice for posting your score on to scorecards.
    The correct procedure is to post on the official scorecard after each hole (you can store it in a plastic bag also). Mistakes are made this way and I can vouch for this from experience that I had last year.

    If you ask any World AM official they will tell you these is the correct procedure.

    Scott Porter

    Great information. The first year I played I did not know to take a cooler and almost had heat stroke on one of the courses because we saw the cart girl on the second hole in and never again. Temp 101 that day. The best rule is take everything even spare shoes and rain gear just in case, it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    Kirk Roberts

    Paul you are correct. I was offering advice on how to keep your OFFICAL CARD DRY. Many people let the driver of the cart keep score. And if the card gets wet it’s very hard to write on. I say keep the official card in your possession and keep it dry. If the official card is so wet you can’t read the numbers it’s useless.
    Sometimes common sense is needed in a monsoon.
    That’s just a option not gospel.

    Bill Hambrick

    Kirk you should know that if you are caught with the Official Scorecard in your possession you will be DQ’d. You have to exchange scorecards!!!

    Kirk Roberts

    Yes Bill….I meant that AFTER YOU EXCHANGE CARDS. ALWAYS EXCHANGE CARDS. AND USE THE PART BELOW TO KEEP YOUR OWN SCORE. I have had people write down the wrong score.
    Thanks for clearing that up in case someone thought I was talking about keeping your own card. That’s a no no for sure. Course record every day!!!!

    Tom McCain

    Double check your score with your marker.
    Thanks for the tips on the skins. I run the skins every year and want the players to get with me asap. And turn in your official card to the clubhouse BEFORE you find the skins guy with your birdie. I also keep a lot of towels, a change of clothes, and a baggie for the scorecard too. Ben soaked a few times at the WA.

    Scott Springer

    Bring your A game

    Rick Kimbrell

    Something else to remember and you will be reminded at the courses by the pro. Make sure you SIGN your scorecard and turn it in. If you don’t sign your card, you will get DQ’d. If you leave the golf course with your scorecard, you will be DQ’d.
    And, about turning your scorecard in…do you really want to give it to someone else to turn in for you? Hopefully, you answered NO. You need to turn your card in yourself. Don’t trust someone else to do it for you. Known some people to get DQ’d because their card never got turned in. Turns out, they gave it to someone else to turn in and it never got in.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Tom McCain is dead on about bringing a change of clothes. It is pretty miserable having to drive 1/2 hour to hour back to the hotel/condo in completely soaked clothes.
    If you have never been to the WA before, I cannot impress upon you enough that you need quality rain gear. Unless the course becomes unplayable or there is a threat of lightning in the area…you do not stop playing just because it is raining. This is not your Saturday fun round with your buddies. You keep playing in the rain. I have played in a tropical storm when the rain was coming down sideways and they did not call it. So, your rain gear really needs to be WATERPROOF…not just water resistant.
    And, if they call you in…don’t assume they are calling the tournament round and you will not go back out. If you leave the golf course and they start up play again…DQ.

    Kirk Roberts

    All great suggestions! And the pro should cover this but in the event you have a rules question. Play two balls and in this day take pictures of the situation then get a ruling. JUST LET YOUR MARKER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
    Don’t forget about provisional balls. Study up on when you can and can not play a provisional. And the difference between red and yellow hazards.

    Bob Newman

    Playing 2 ball under 3-3 is not as simple as playing a second ball– BEFORE taking action (playing the original ball) you must first state your intentions to play 2 ball , declare which ball you wish to count if rules allow , and you must REPORT to the committee (scorers table) that you played 2 balls under 3-3. It does not matter if you scored the same on both ball, penalty is DQ. Have heard some pros tell the group at start not to report to the committee if score is same which is incorrect by the rules. Also make sure Marker signs scorecard.

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