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    Jay Seifert

    I just signed up for a pre-event Skins game so wanted to also get registered for this years World Amateur but don’t see any way to do that. In the past, there were incentives to register before Christmas. I didn’t get any of those this year. Has someone dropped the ball? Is the cheese moving? Yes, that’s a reference to a #1 best selling book that the WA marketing department might just want to read ASAP!


    Hey Jay – The previous management once opened entry around Christmas 2011 with a super early bird price as a new management team was about to be brought in. Which led to 2012 being our least satisfactory year since I’ve been a part of the tournament. All that to say, we’ll be opening in late March!


    That a great idea to wait till late March to open the entry. That way I would have already won my free entry early in March after kicking azz in this years March Championship …… Just saying

    Jay Seifert

    Thanks for the update. I will look for it in March. I am already signed up for the pre-event skins games

    Mike Apfel

    March 29th is the early entry start date, and the entry fee to start has gone up to $525!!! What has WA improved to warrant the increase?

    Danny Fox

    Sorry but price didn’t go up this year, the price is the same as last years early bird entry.

    Mike Apfel

    Early bird entry in 2014 and 2015 was $475. so what did WA improve to warrant the $50 increase for 2016 and 2017? They have the same attractions at the Nineteen Hole, still slow play which the course pros do nothing about, and still have sandbagging problems. What’s the improvement?


    Providing the most valuable experience in the World is of the utmost importance to us. Handicaps/slow play have no bearing on your entry fee. It will never be perfect so I can’t touch on that.

    Much of the decision last year was to keep in line with cost of doing business. The early bird price for this golf tournament was $425 in 1999 (18 years ago!) and $499 in 2007. But as with everything, inflation does exist. In 2002 we gave you a $100 golf bag for first place rather than a $600 PGA TOUR SS gift card.. but I digress.

    Outside of that, we improved the availability of our golf courses which provided better course rotations across the board. Another segment went towards the food offerings at the 19th hole. Lastly we switched to PGA TOUR Superstore gift cards rather than TaylorMade (which could not be used outside of U.S.) to offer more diverse options in your prizes.

    We are committed to providing you with the best experience, delivering the most value and operating the best golf tournament possible. I am confident this is the best bang for your buck on the planet in the world of golf.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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