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    Rick Kimbrell

    Who really likes shotgun start for this event? Sure driving range is not crowded but lots of people are still congregating before tee off. Every course handled getting you started differently.
    “Your clubs cannot be loaded until your riding partner gets here” What if your riding partner just barely makes his tee time? Are you standing on #1 tee with no clubs about to miss your tee time because he did not get there early, or even on time?
    Come on WA…shotgun start.
    No one in any of my groups for 4 days liked the way we are doing it now. They all thought shotgun start was better.

    And, the survey did not really give you a chance to complain about shotgun start.
    Come on WA

    Ricky Herman

    Yes love shotgun starts at this event. Pooled the four courses play and they prefer shotgun starts. Some tee times at course were at 11 which put them play in th hottest part of the day and finish around 5 and not getting back to hotels until 6. Some of my rounds were 5 hours. Plus with tee times u can’t mingle with your friends after the round because you went of early and some late. We had some great gentlemen in flights 24 and 25. Go back to shotguns start.

    Christine Remines

    My concern was a lack of a ranger monitoring pace of play at Barefoot Norman. My tee time was 9:34. I took a photo of the cart gps starting 18. Pace behind 136 minutes elapsed time 6:19. My cart partner and I had a a contentious start with the other two from the get go. Rules fights and so forth no help looking for balls. Repeatedly told them we were behind. They would not make an effort to speed up. Wouldn’t hit until the drink cart girl was completely gone. I had to cancel a phone business meeting at 3:45 because I thought I would be done with golf by then. Was in 2nd place after 1st round but just lost it after this fiasco. Granted I need to work on the mental side of the game dealing with this part but this was extreme. My state tournaments don’t tolerate this. You get slapped with penalty strokes. Asked in the clubhouse why no rangers, the said World Am doesn’t like to monitor pace of play. I call BS.
    Huge shout out to Farmstead. They kept pace of play in check, let us know if weather was coming in and what to do if horn sounded.

    John Decatur

    Tee times was a total failure. 6+ hour rounds is not acceptable when there are only 108 golfers on the golf course. The 4 courses I played I saw a ranger once only each round and they didn’t want controversy so they just drove right on by. Of the 4 rounds the earliest tee time I got was 8:57 and we didn’t actually tee off until 9:15 because they were already behind. This was my vacation I didn’t enjoy spending the entire day on the golf course waiting to hit shots. It wasn’t fair to my wife who came with me but she doesn’t golf. If they do tee times next year I don’t plan on coming back especially when I had the last, second to last and 4th to last tee times. The one day the early groups had no wind the first nine holes. We had 40 mile an hour winds for 18 holes. Totally unfair. Also some players I talked to got early tee times everyday.
    Also the late tee times you didn’t have range balls as the courses ran out and didn’t want to pick up the range and provide more balls.
    In my opinion the tournament has gone down Hill each and every year and this was my 13th. The price goes up but the quality goes down and the merchandise we get is total crap. It goes right in the garbage as goodwill won’t even take it.

    Christine Remines

    John I agree. I had zero beach time. Spent money on an oceanfront hotel and didn’t get to really use it. I felt so bad for the groups we were holding up and the glares I got. The group in front of us was long gone. At least with shotgun everybody has the same course conditions. I know people have bad holes but I thought the max 9 was to help the pace of play. Granted if the group is making eights it does slow down. I try to keep it moving even when I’m struggling.

    Tom McCain

    Shotgun start is the only way to run this. You lose the community feel with tee times. Plus it just feels like a round at home. I woke up at 5 AM for three days to go play. I don’t do that at home. Plus I couldn’t figure a good way to run skins and folks love the skins competition.

    Mike Cheeseman

    Shotgun all the way.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Someone has started an unofficial poll where everyone there except me is in favor of tee times.
    Go VOTE


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