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    Josh Wurzberger

    Hey Tom Doughan! Do you remember me? I used to be a member in Winthrop a few years back. I saw your name up here last year, but didn’t know how to reach you. Small world man!

    This will be my 5th year in a row. I’ve had two rain out days in that time. I was lucky to win in flight 8 last year. My game peaked at the right time. This year I’m coming in as a 7.0 hncp. Going to be very tough to make it to the fabulous Pete Dye track.

    I’m hoping to make this a lifetime event. This has been our “family” trip before school starts the last 4 years. Kids love the beach. The wife is getting sick of watching the kids at the beach all day while I golf lol!

    Tom McCain

    12 years straight for me, and would have been in since day one if I had known about it. Made some good friends and shot my best score in my life at Tigers Eye (80) in 2007. Enojy running the skins games and meeting newer players.

    Tom Doughan

    Hey there, Josh. Yes I do remember you…and our competitions against each other over at Winthrop in its league and tournaments. Haven’t even seen the course since 2012 so I only get the gossip on how things are run now.

    Congrats on your finish last year. I was rooting for you to put your name on the big trophy. I’m on the every other year plan regarding getting time off approved at work for this trip so I’m looking forward to this year’s. I’ll be leaving for M.B this Monday. Coming down with a 6.4 so I may have a tough time finishing above the fold. I won’t give my number out over an open Board but shoot me an email at tdoughan411@gmail.com and we can exchange contact info. Maybe we can meet up at the CC and swap crying fits over our play that day.

    Daniel Rousseau

    6 years i think,first year has a 11 handicap play 105 on normand course at barefoot on painted green first drive doc hooked it ,what a feeling

    Mike Sigmon

    3 rd year for me…I use to play in the Surf Club 2 man for years thought about moving up to the world am way before I did but always liked playing at the surf club such a great golf course and Bill the pro there always ran a first class tournament….But after a few years of price increases and cutting down on what you won they just priced me right out of that tournament and now its welcome to the Myrtle Beach World AM… 🙂

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    Jim Binder

    First time was in 1993, have missed 6 or 7 times since, so this year is either 17 or 18 times I have played.

    John Mudrock

    What is the total count of entrants up to this year?

    Mike Lawson

    My 11th year. Came in dead last on my first but have been coming back anyway. Always a good time and great company. Only bad thing is, like Jim McDaniels said, the week seems done faster than you can unpack your suitcase.

    Steve Harsch

    Began in year 10 (ugliest golf shirt ever!). Played every year since then.

    Glenn Foster

    I’ve missed 2 years since 1995. Missed 1998 & 2009, so 19 years & counting.

    Tom Doughan

    Myrtle Beach…here I come! #23 starts today.

    James Bushnell

    This is my 8th year….

    Chris Hattings

    This will be my 13th year. Every year since 2003 except 2009. That year I was working in Barrow, Alaska (northern most point in the US) and could not play any golf.

    Glenn Foster

    You’re right Sir. The prize pool was awesome then. Free car(s), condo, free round trip tickets for holes in ones and real competition from motels & hotels for our stays the next year. The Budweiser Girls roaming the floor for pictures… but the No Tables & eating off of anything flat( mostly trash cans) I do not miss. Sitting around regaling each other of the tales of the day.
    My first hole I took a 12 on a par 5 @ Wild Wing- Hummingbird. Hit 2 balls off of first tee into some ungodly pampas grass growing in a bunker. Found second ball hacked out… all after a 4+ hr. delay because of heavy rain the night before on top of that. Ahh the good ole days.

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