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    Jon Craig

    Topic says it all.

    Bob Whittington

    We are down about 98 people from last year as of this date.
    If the same amount of people sign up from now till the end
    as last year, I think we will fall short of 3000.


    David Baker

    The management misgaged the price increase and the inability to explain the reason for being disqualified to the golfers. I witnessed one such explanation and I needed a shovel to get through the biggest load of bull I have ever heard. There is little rhyme or reason for some DQ’s and they are not fairly applied to the entire field. Just my opinion. It would seem that the tournament number will be down but you can believe the WA will have an excuse to explain why. In the late 90’s there were 5,000 golfers in the WA. Wonder what the excuse would be for a 40% decrease? I guess to be fair I do believe that the WA is trying to protect the field and put on a quality product. The value that you get is still pretty good. There isn’t anything that will appeal to everyone. Let’s get ready to golf.

    david tiano

    Golf is not as popular to the younger generation as a whole. Golf peaked in the 90’s with Tiger Woods doing what he did but that is 20 or so years ago. Those golfers are seniors now.

    When I stared to play in this in 2006 there were between 3300-3600 golfers now 11 years later yes there is a decline but that is the same decline as golf as an industry.

    The price has been the same as it was last year with 3200 golfers so it’s not the price, and the group committee that is currently running the event has been heads and shoulders above the last group that ran it. I always take the time to ask questions about reductions and disqualifications. What has been shared to me has been professional and understandable. What more can we ask for.

    We all can easily sit here and type what we think this problem or that problem is but our sport is not attractive to the younger generations.
    Last year the 49 & under group had 9 flights and one was the gross at 50 golfer per field that’s 450 of 3200 or 14%. In 2006 it was much higher a percentage.
    You want 3000+ golfers do what I do and tell everyone what a great time we have every year and the great life long friends we have teed it up with.
    Let’s be positive.
    18 days for me.

    Jay Seifert

    What participant REALLY cares if 3,000 is reached or not? The current count as of today is 2,899 and that is plenty.

    The ORIGINAL objective of this event (when it was started some 30 years ago) was to bring tourist traffic into Myrtle on one of THE slowest weeks of the year (schools start back in session in mid-August and tourist typically stayed away until the busy labor day weekend that always immediately follows this event). That objective remains the case today so being “over 3,000” isn’t any type of magical number. The event is doing what it was chartered to do… bring in traffic and IMHO they do an EXCELLENT job of running a VERY complex tournament. The largest Amateur golfing event IN THE WORLD no less!

    Anyone can speculate cause and effect but there is really no need as the number of players is more than sufficient to sustain this event. Plan to come and enjoy the golf, the camaraderie, make new friends and re-new relationships with the old ones from far away.

    chuck cole

    .Nope!! As of 8/7 there were 2971. Way down from the 6000+ and 6.5 hour rounds my first year.

    Jon Craig

    I just was curious, so I could try and figure my odds of winning a prize at the House of Blues welcome party on Sunday .

    Jay Seifert

    Jon Craig: I just was curious, so I could try and figure my odds of winning a prize at the House of Blues welcome party on Sunday

    Me: It’s far better than the entrants as I believe you have to be there in person for the welcome party so if history indicates anything you will have about a 1 in 500 chance of winning that particular prize.

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