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    Michael Meadows

    There is no capital WA on mine, just the lowercase one. Put my id and password in and still says Login does not exist. Shouldn’t be this hard!

    Les Robison

    I went to Google play store and searched “Myrtle Beach World Am “…I located the blue World Am and clicked on it and had no problem.

    Jason Miller

    i had to find my app password in my Chrome saved passwords because it’s not the same as the bulletin board, it’s attached to player ID only

    World Am Staff

    It is very important to understand that ALL tournament information, updates, scoring, and news is readily available (without logging in) at http://www.myrtlebeachworldamateur.com

    The World Am app will be seeing updates throughout the weekend & week, and this will effect log in capabilities, especially if you change your password. If you have issues logging in to the App, please keep in mind that you are not missing out on anything as the tournament website has all of the same information for consumption.

    Billy Burwick

    Please link to the pairings?

    I’m wondering if this is a Android issue.


    Chad Watson

    Is the My Tournament part of the app supposed to be working yet?

    Chad Watson

    Never mind I see it is working. Have to use the password that was emailed to us for registration back in April. Thanks.

    Billy Burwick

    What if you dont have that email anymore?

    Gail Ford

    Still can’t get logged in after trying all the suggestions on this topic so far.
    If the website truly has “ALL tournament information”, where can I find the Pairings info that people say is available on the app.
    I also no longer have the email that was sent back in April because I reset my password back then.
    The app isn’t taking my current password. I have an Android phone with the “blue” app.


    What is The Secret to the World Am App will it get turned on once we start or do we all get sent another password

    Walter White

    Might call WA staff for password.
    Works fine for me. Tee time info is in the my tournament at top of page.


Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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