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    Bill Hambrick

    Only 18 more days til we find out our courses. What are your 4. What are the ones you don’t want?

    Landis Courington

    The only course that I do not want to play again in Prestwick Country Club.

    Ken Weatherford

    Since I didn’t play it well the last time, I want Kings North again. I would settle for any course that has nice greens and not buried in water…I mean NO RAIN! lol Wife is the meteorologist in the family, and she says no rain this year. So far, after nine or ten years, she has been spot on every year. :-)))))

    I keep worrying about a hurricane, right before the tournament. Naaaaaa!

    Michael Linthicum

    This is my first year playing in the World Am and from looking at last years results and the handicaps in the flights, ill be in the 7th flight. Would love another crack at Arnie’s revenge @ Rivers Edge (shot 112 in 2015 during my annual golf outing with the guys) but the flight (that i think i will be in) played it last year so not sure if they would schedule it in back to back years

    Ken Delaney

    There’s too many to list that I’d “love to have” but all I ask is that I get one or two that I haven’t played yet. And after 13 WA’s, that list of “not played” is getting smaller. 🙂

    I would love to play Litchfield, Blackmoor, The Norman course & Tidewater for the first time…

    20 days for me!!!

    Mark Hancock

    I played Caledonia in last year’s tournament and Scott T., if you are paying attention, my flight is available to go back there again this year. What a spectacular piece of property and fun to play golf course.

    Michael L: I’ll let you take Rivers Edge as I don’t want to see that damn place again. That finger hole that runs out to the marsh is just a goofy designed hole.

    Ultimately, I just hope my course assignments all have practice ranges.

    Dale McMath

    If I never see World Tour again (the course whos name we will no longer mention by name), then I would be happy for the rest of my World Am days!! Would love Caledonia again. What a venue. Carolina National is also a favorite.

    Rick Kimbrell

    If I got to pick the 4 I would like to draw it would be Prestwick, Kings North, Wild Wing Avocet and Caledonia.
    I would prefer not to draw Indigo Creek or Legends Moorland. Now, watch me get both of those. I don’t mind playing either one of those courses…just not in the tournament.

    Charles Freeland

    I’d like to play a course that has 12″ holes on the green. 🙂

    Rick Murgittroyd

    Wow…lots of choices. I think…Glen Dornach, Farmstead, Pawleys, and True Blue. I think Caladonia is over rated, in MHO. I like the Legends courses. Parkland is tough. Aberdeen, if it’s dry, is a great track too.

    Just grateful to be coming back and being part of the event! God is good!


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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