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    michael marshall

    Last year I played well enough to come 2nd in my division. This year not able to travel as costs for car hire, flights and accommodation have become too much. I tried to spend my voucher online to buy a putter at PGA Superstore. They do not ship this putter I wanted to UK. I have been in contact with both World Am and PGA superstore. Neither are willing to help me obtain the putter. There solution is 1) Come back some other time, not listening to cost factor. 2) Phone a friend, 3) These are the rules TOUGH.
    Has anybody outside USA had these problems and why call it WORLD am when the prizes cannot be spent unless you return. I have played 20+ times and now won 3 prizes, the other 2 I was presented with a card at the tourney. they are making it unfair for people who cannot travel easily.

    Any comments

    Bruce Friend

    You may not like my comments but you asked.

    I don’t see how it is the staff of the World Am fault for the inflation this country has been in for the past 2 years. In fact, I would commend them in their attempt to keep costs that they do control from rising at the same pace that is affecting other costs that all of us attending are having to pay. So, you finding the costs to travel to the US is high and unmanageable, that is a shame but there are plenty living in the US that is having similar issues.

    In terms of the prizes, you mention they won’t ship a specific putter. You can still use the gift card to buy other merchandise? So your problem is a “you” issue. Spend the money on other items. Don’t want to give PGA Superstore your business, then don’t. The World Am staff isn’t making anything unfair to non-US players with your complaint.

    michael marshall

    Dear Mr friend
    I have been in e mails since last year about this and World Am did not reply for several months so I have a right to complain about them for the awful Customer care.

    1) I have and am not blaming world am for inflation, I was explaining why I could not afford to travel this year in answer to one of their replies. Car hire has more than doubled, inflation has not. Cars were taken away due to Covid and people not allowed to travel They have not replaced them so it is supply/demand.
    2) Why should I pick something else when I have tried that putter in PGA Superstore and liked it. The World am used to give a card out on the last night so you could spend it before you left. They now send you an email and PGA Superstore state they ship abroad and then renege on that and blame the manufacturer.

    When you win a prize there should not be any restrictions for non USA citizens. Please only make comments when you can listen to the whole truth and understand how long I have been trying to sort this. I know this as I have played over 20 times and won at least 2 prizes before which I bought before my trip finished so I do know what I am talking about.

    I wish you well in your quest to become World Am champion this year. At least you do not have to beat myself.


    Mr. Marshall – We state on our website they do NOT ship outside the USA. While it is unfortunate, there is not an alternative directly through the superstore. We have not done prizes on site since I think 2009, and for the majority of years we give a card unable to be used outside the USA.

    The alternatives we suggested are to wait until you return (cards don’t expire), purchase a gift for a friend in the USA, or sell the card on the bulletin board. We will add again, which you already rebutted which is to purchase for you and ask you to cover shipping as any retail site would ask.

    Our customer service replied within minutes to you and always within 24 business hours of every email. Unfortunately your replies months later are patronizing. Please do not mistake service for ability to resolve the issue.

    michael marshall

    Dear Scott

    1) PGA Superstore when I start shopping a big banner comes across stating they ship to Great Britain. If you do not ship outside USA see my suggestion below point 3.

    2) Unfortunately your staff did not respond to e mails I sent some time ago regarding this however, recently they have responded immediately which is good. This is not the crux of the matter.

    3) Why do you show a PGA Superstore card for the top 5 prizes but then send an e mail. In the past when I won prizes I went to the collection point on the Thursday night collected my winnings and spent at the convention center, buying a lovely print of Jack Nicklaus which I brought home with me. Could it not be possible to present prizes to overseas players on the Thursday night.

    You have a fantastic person in AJ Mendoza who sorts out the prizes Mon through Thursday and has great fun with everybody. He could present the PGA superstore cards to overseas visitors who win prizes. Just a suggestion.

    4) The competition is fantastic otherwise why else would I play in it for over 20 years. The rising costs for everything has put paid to my plans this year and maybe forever but I would like it if you could consider re implementing this suggestion.

    I do not know how many people from outside USA have won prizes but maybe this is something to look at.


    The prizes back before 2009 were physical gifts like gloves or something you had no choice in. We switched to gift cards for better value. It’s digital and not immediate because of ties, scoring errors, having digital backups… you get the idea. We can consider alternatives for international if it is possible. However doing something for one person and not another is often problematic regardless of intent/reason.

    We do not advertise a physical gift card unless you mean the image of a gift card which is for a visual. I cannot answer why their website states international shipping if they do not, but we never advertised that.

    The best solution is let us purchase using your card and you provide a credit card for excess to cover the shipping fees you’d incur if they did ship to you.

    michael marshall

    Dear Scott

    Sorry so long getting back to you but have been sorting out my prize. It eventually arrived today but unlike the lucky Americans who win, it has cost me and my friend in America a total of $170 dollars to get a prize to UK. If as I suggested and you used to do, the cards were issued at the world am closing event I could have bought the item the next day and no costs for shipping, no delivery costs in England and no taxes in England as I had already would have paid them in USA.

    You issue cards for nearest the pins and longest drives because AJ presents them. I would like to thank the World Am for changing the system that now makes it costly to win if you live outside of USA.

    I am sure you will have answers for this but none of them will involve me being reimbursed I am sure. Please seriously consider these points so that it can encourage people like me to return some day.

    Danny Fox

    Sorry Michael that you had such a time getting your Prize, but even more so that you feel like you do not feel like you want to come to the WA no longer, it has away been a treat seeing and talking to you each year.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Michael, if you don’t come back, it has been a pleasure seeing you thru the years. And, yes, the prize situation sucks.

    Geoff Koren


    It’s Geoff your friend from San Diego. Let me know what you’re trying to get from PGA tour superstore and let me see if I can arrange some shipping arrangements. Sorry you won’t be there this year. Always look forward to seeing you.

    michael marshall

    Thanks everyone for messages. I have sorted out the prize thanks to Jason Corum but the World Am are not interested about overseas players. You can see from my previous message the costs involved so it appears that if from abroad you cannot get your prize shipped, bought there or given your PGA Superstore card as the World Am has to check the results. However they can give out the World Am winner their prize and find out sandbaggers very quickly. I have enjoyed the times I have played and met some lovely people. who knows if costs come back to reasonable for travel and the World Am changes the way they give out the prizes than I might be back!!!! If I do come back and win a prize watch this space.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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