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    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Tommy,

    Yea I checked it today…I called both of my friends that were talking about it and told them if they plan on going not to wait to much longer if the cut off is 312 that’s only 116 spots left and they could go real fast I look for a full field and sold out around Jan. 29 that’s my guess…

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Mike C,

    Sorry bud I know it sucks going through the 14 day quarantine I talked to a guy the other day that said he has had to do the 2 week deal 2 times sense August each time he was fine with no problems…but that’s a month he could do nothing but set around his house and watch TV…I feel for you guys…hopefully by Aug. we will have all this crap behind us with the vaccine roll out going on now…I’m ready for a few meet and greets, along with a few hugs from some of the gals…at the 19th hole in Aug…

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey I see one of my guys has signed up. Guess I need to email the other one and tell him we’re going to leave him behind come March 14…


    Do we happen to know the Flight break outs for Q-School?

    Ie. 06, 7-12, 13-18. Etc..

    Tommy Briggs

    Q-School is limited to 312 golfers. Flights will be based on the 312 registrants once the field is full. The first flight will be the lowest 104 golfers, based on handicap. Flight two will consist of the second lowest group of 104, and the third flight will consist of the highest 104 handicaps.

    Prize distribution says it is based on a minimum of 50 players per flight so they might break it up into regular and senior flights or maybe 6 flights instead of three, but it will be set after the field is determined and it will be split up based on the field.

    You could have a 14 handicap and end up in the first flight with all single digit players. You could also have a 14 handicap and be the lowest player i your flight. It is all going to depend on who signs up and what handicaps they bring to the field.

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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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