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    david tiano

    Myrtle Beach Passport

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    david tiano

    Scott or WA Staff,

    Can you give more detail on this benefit:

    Chance at exclusive contest prizes
    automatically entered to ‘Blade & Bow Club Championship’ Flight
    (Winner receives 2022 World Am entry fee)

    What is the Blade and Bow Club Championship? Is it another event on Friday following normal play?
    Is it a tournament within a tournament?

    Thanks for hopefully clearing this up as it needs more explanation.

    david tiano

    Looking for a game for Saturday before WA this is your best deal.

    david tiano

    Still some room so get in early. Only 10-12 spots left.

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    david tiano

    I voiced my concern on the Cats courses last year as they have a financial problem going on with that property and the courses. As such they have less employees to work the courses. If that has not been resolved then I would think the courses are still not being maintained.
    I hope this year you SEND someone up there to ride each course to see what is going on then just a phone call. If the courses are still bad then you have a pattern and if they tell you they will be tournament ready for August I have a bridge to sell you.

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    david tiano

    The rotation was Pine Lakes, Prestwick and Carolina National. Carolina National was the best of the group in conditions.
    Believe Me Carolina National is head and shoulders over Carolina Shores

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    david tiano

    Had Lockwood last year and the greens were very fast

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    david tiano

    I am running the Pine Lake skin/quota game details posted on PINE LAKE thread.
    I am currently full but putting players on wait list. If I get enough to fill a foursome I will call and request another tee time. My info is posted on the thread

    Kevin Jones is running the Sunday morning TPC event he is also waitlisting players his info is also listed on TPC Thread


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    david tiano

    Not a partner event at either Pine Lakes or TPC

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    david tiano

    Scott will you be following Carolina Golf Association current rules updated tournament protocols.

    in reply to: Saturday 8/29/20 PINE LAKES #47740
    david tiano

    UPDATE AS OF TODAY 8/1/2020

    We have 38 spots paid and only two spots left. First two guys to contact me will get in.

    Cel 727-481-7835

    in reply to: Saturday 8/29/20 PINE LAKES #47612
    david tiano

    UPDATE AS OF TODAY 7/13/2020

    We have almost 40 players signed up and paid and we might consider lowing the 52 player total. If you are on the fence about playing please reach out to me ASAP so I can get you a spot.

    Spots will be only reserved for 7 days until payment is made. No payment in 7 days and your reservation is gone.

    in reply to: SKINS in Flights #47583
    david tiano

    I have run the skins for years and there is always the questions:
    1. Do I know this guy and do I trust him with my money.
    2. Will all skins verified and all birdies recorded
    3. Wait to get paid.

    I will not be running the skins for many reasons to list but if you think about it.
    Say I am one of the first tee times. I won’t be able to collect from everyone as I won’t see most players. I can’t be playing my round and getting text from 71 guys with payment or questions or pictures of cards. Remember the skins guys is in the tournament also.

    The only way to do this is have the course do it and players pay in proshop before round. They probably (other reasons) will not do it.

    Have fun play well and bet with your friends individually.

    Just my thoughts

    in reply to: Pre Tournament Playing #47555
    david tiano

    Scott will the 72 be one flight or two flights of 36?

    in reply to: Saturday 8/29/20 PINE LAKES #47528
    david tiano


    —-NEW UPDATE—-
    —–Breaking News—-
    My good friend Joe Lamica from Chasing 72 has donated, yes DONATED Chasing 72 hats for all players. Some great stuff coming out this year from this new company. Check them out.

    Some spots still available.

    Pine Lakes event is Saturday Morning 7:30 AM first tee time, 9-minute intervals, going off front and back. Event is $100 paid to Me. First 52 paid are in. Once I receive payment I will email or text you that you are in.

    Includes: Golf, Skins, Quota game. ($50 of your entry is for skins and quota)
    Game is a Stableford Quota game today.
    52 Players with two flights of 26 players each.

    Point System:
    Eagle = 6 points
    Birdie = 4 points
    Par = 2 points
    Bogie = 1 point
    Pick up you ball if you have a double bogie or more.
    You will get your full World AM handicap. Your quota will be calculated at 36 minus your WA index. Lowest Quota will be 10 Point. So if your index is 27 or higher your quota will be 10.

    55 and under Tee #3 6305
    56 and up Tee #2 5756
    Ladies Tee #1 4758
    Par 70 only two par 5’s so course will play longer than you think.


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