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    We are not arguing about the prize the Point of this topic is that people are cheating and claiming prizes they are just didnt earn. Place marker in area where no divots or grass moved in 10 yd radius. It’s all about integrity of the game i’m

    in reply to: World Am App #52291

    Still unable to access the app. How do we log on and not get invalid user

    in reply to: All Flights Skins Games #52256

    I would normally step up and do skins for 30 but unfortunately this week I am playing taxi driver to 2 others and have insufficient time to run it or stay back to do it, but would assist in any way possible.

    in reply to: Cources #52134

    My only concern is that my arm holds up to 7 days of golf straight, including the practice rounds. Been carrying an injury for the past two years on top of a heart attack in november. I will have to pace myself if I’m going to last the entire week. But the most important thing is that my father and grandson here visiting from Australia so I will make the most of that.

    in reply to: All Flights Skins Games #52131

    Is anyone going to run the skins in flight 29 & 30

    in reply to: Cources #52130

    I thought I got the best pick of the lot. Totally happy with my 4 courses.

    World Tour

    in reply to: Ride Share #52098

    Looking for someone who can assist with a ride To Diamondback golf club on Wednesday. Flight 55 & 56 Seasoned players

    in reply to: What is starting tee times #52073

    Ok. Thank you just figuring out transportation and routes for 7 different players in my party

    in reply to: Ride Share #52069

    Looking for a ride here on Wednesday. Only to Diamondback for my father, who is visiting from Australia. Cannot drive on the wrong side of the road. He is in the sessomed playrs 80+ Flight 55 and 56, if you can help out. Please give me a call. 3176526063. Thanks

    in reply to: NFL Starts In A Month #52031

    There are still 2 positions open for those keen NFL players who want a year full of excitement. Hurry and jump in before it is too late

    in reply to: scott world am #52017

    Once upon a time, there was a way to see the courses early. But I never knew how to do that. Someone would always inform me before they were put it out.

    in reply to: scott world am #52015

    LOL … No Just seeing who would bite?. I am like everyone else eagerly waiting for about 1:13 p m tomorrow afternoon

    in reply to: scott world am #52013

    I think mine is great Les. Two courses ive never played before

    in reply to: Max score per hole #52003

    LOL Bill I remember several years back I had a friend come with me. Blaize Clute a First timer. his very first hole of the Wam was at TPC Myrtle Beach where he could not get over a carry and ended up having a 19 so his entire week was destroyed on the very first hole and he has never returned

    in reply to: Max score per hole #52001

    I feel like that the 9 Max should be changed to double par. For example if player who is a high a very high handicap getting three Strokes on a par 5 and shoots an 11 then that 9 would be a double bogey net where as someone else playing the same hole who does not get a shot has an 8 which would be a triple bogey net so the person who scores a 10 or 11 who registers a 9 would be better off than the person who legitimately hold out. In addition to this it would speed up play who wants to have a nine on a par 3. Have double par. 6 Strokes on par 3 pick up. 8 Strokes On a par 4 and 10 Strokes on a par 5. just my suggestion

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 331 total)

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