Important Dates for the World Amateur Handicap Championship

July 10th – Handicap club information requested

  • Form will be sent July 10th
  • Home Golf Club
  • Handicap Chairman/Club Pro contact name, contact phone and contact e-mail
  • Member number
  • Website to access your Handicap

July 17th – Last day to submit club information

August 1st – First day for International Players to submit handicaps

  • Form will be sent July 31st

August 10th – Last day for International Players to submit handicaps

August 15th – First day to submit USGA index

  • Form will be sent August 14th
  • Verify previously submitted club information
  • Enter your USGA index as of August 15th Revision
  • Score history information (# of rounds in your score history, # of rounds in calendar year, date of last score posted, # of tournament round in the last 12 months)
  • Play together requests accepted

August 17th @ 5PM EST – Deadline to submit your USGA Handicap Index

  • Failure to submit by this time can result in being deemed ineligible for competition prizes

August 20th – Flight/Course assignments released in the afternoon

August 25-26th – Registration at PGA TOUR SUPERSTORES from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

August 27th-30th – Rounds 1-4 and 19th Hole at MB Convention Center

August 31st – Championship Round at TPC Myrtle Beach for Flight Winners and Ties