Key to Marital Bliss: Couple Plays World Am Together

underwoodThe couple that golfs together stays together.

Or, at the very least, it works for Duane and Lisa Wilkins.

The Winter Park, Fl., couple are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week and they annually schedule vacation to coincide with the special occasion.

This year they are doing it at the World Am. Neither Duane or Lisa had heard of the event prior to receiving an email earlier in the year, but knowing they were taking the week off, the golf nuts took the plunge.

After signing up without doing a lot of research, there was some trepidation, but the experience has more than met their expectations.

“It’s awesome,” Lisa said. “The people are so nice and everyone is so friendly.”

“I haven’t met a bad person yet,” Duane said of the tournament.

While some - men and women - go to the course to escape their spouse, Duane and Lisa do the opposite. The couple plays together every week at Eagle Landing Golf Club in Jacksonville.

The result is a happy marriage and two new World Am players.

Happy Anniversary, Duane and Lisa. We hope to see you again next year.