The NEW World Am App Now Available

The 34th annual Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship is rolling out a new app that will, among other event-enhancing features, allow players to participate in live scoring in all tournament rounds.

The app, which is available for download via iTunes (download) and the Google Play store (download), is already populated with the nightly 19th Hole menus, a list of gift bags items and videos, among other information, making it the best way to follow the tournament.

The most exciting new feature will be the live scoring component, letting players enter their hole-by-hole scores throughout each round. Live scoring will allow family members and friends to track the play of their favorite World Am player throughout the 72-hole event. The more people who engage with the live scoring, the better it will work.

Among the other features offered on the app are:

Tournament News – The tournament website will be updated multiple times each day during the event with photo galleries, feature stories and more throughout the week, and that news will be fed directly into the app.

Event Schedule: From registration to tee times to the hours of operation for the World’s Largest 19th Hole, the event schedule lets you know everything that is happening and when.

Golf Courses: When players receive course assignments, they will want to immediately head to the golf course tab and start researching the layouts they will be playing.

Accommodations: Any player that hasn’t reserved a room can quickly scan our list of preferred accommodations providers and pick the property that works best for them.

Restaurants: Get a full list of the eateries that will be serving food at the 19th Hole AND a look at the nightly menus!

Prizes: Find out what a top 5 finish in your flight will win you and what this year’s daily flight contest awards will be.

Gift Bag: Take a look at everything you will receive in the typically outstanding gift bag before you arrive.

19th Hole: The World’s Largest 19th Hole is the heartbeat of the event and everything you will want to know about the tournament’s nightly party is here. From celebrity guests and videos to vendors, nightly entertainment and the variety of drinks being served – it’s all there.

Social: We want you to share your World Am experience with the world and include our social channels in the fun. Find out how to connect to the World Am online.

FAQ: You have a question, the app has an answer.

Past Results: Players can view their past results and compare their performance over the years.

As comprehensive as the app already is, there will be more added. As soon as course assignments are completed, they will be added, as will a tab for live scoring.

If you are playing in the World Am, the app is a resource you need to have. If you are curious about the event or just want to follow along, you can experience the tournament vicariously through the app.