Oxford Golf Shirt, $50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card Highlight World Am Goodie Bag Items

The gift bag for the 29th annual Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Championship is taking shape, and this much is certain: participants will be comfortable and have a little extra money to spend at their favorite golf superstore.

The gift bag for this year’s tournament will include:
• A logoed Oxford Golf Shirt
• A $50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card
• Pair of Surino performance golf socks
• A logoed World Am Tritan tumbler
• A logoed World Am hat
• A logoed World Am bag tag
• An assortment of other items

The $50 gift card will be the largest ever handed out by the tournament and it represents a substantial increase over the $20 gift cards players received last year. The gift card is good for use on any item at the Superstore.

We are looking forward to handing out the gift bags on August 25-26, our registration days!