Oxford Golf, World Am Continue Partnership

Oxford Golf is one of the fastest rising brand’s in the golf apparel industry, and World Am players are going to get a first-hand look at the company’s virtues.

As part of the player gift bag, World Am participants will receive a Super Dry Quarter-Zip Pullover, a new addition to Oxford product line.

The Coachford Pullover is crafted with stretch performance enhancing Super Dry® fabric. In basic tones, and a bright blue, this layering piece will be your go-to pullover for every season of golf.

Buoyed by 60 years in the apparel business, Oxford Golf is quickly emerging as the clothing of choice for informed consumers.

Oxford offers a full clothing line, specializing in performance apparel that provides on-course comfort regardless of the conditions.

“Pretty soon it will be 100 degrees in some of the events,” David Toms, a 13-time winner on the PGA Tour and an Oxford ambassador, wrote. “Oxford Golf has me covered in all the conditions. They are great partners and I appreciate our relationship.”

What distinguishes Oxford Golf from a crowded market?

In an age when performance shirts are rightfully all the rage, there is nothing better than Oxford’s Super Dry Performance Polos, which feature outstanding wicking performance, UV Ray protection, an odor repelling antimicrobial finish and no roll collars.

Given the shirt’s primary qualities, no wonder Toms, a Louisiana native, wears Oxford on Tour.

The company’s pants are no less appealing. Stain resistant finishes and shirt huggers on waistbands keep shirts tucked in, making them ideal for the course.

Just like Oxford is your go-to brand for all types of golf apparel.