Farmstead Golf Links


Practice Round Rate Information: $46
- Mention group rate: "Practice GTS"


Farmstead Golf Links is truly a cut above the typical Grand Strand course. Considering the extraordinary golf experience it offers to players of all levels, this is arguably the best deal in town. Nestled in a natural setting while comfortably removed from developed areas, the course affords golfers the luxury of playing in almost perfect privacy. Set on a level stretch of land that was once a tobacco farm, its windswept 480 acres have been fashioned into a spectacular set of challenges by designer Willard Byrd.

Wide, links-style fairways gently follow the lay of the land to create a collection of shot-making opportunities that reward superior play from golfers of many styles. Whether the flags are noisily flapping or eerily still, hitting it straight is the key to scoring well at Farmstead. It may be wide-open with generous landing areas, but scoot one off a fairway and you are stuck in the love grass, where your next move is to drop a provisional.

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