What is the last day to register?
Entries close on August 2, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST.
What is included in the entry fee?
Four rounds of golf (cart included) on four different golf courses, four evenings of food, drinks, golf expo, games, live entertainment at MB Convention Center (for participant and one guest), gift package upon arrival, coffee & bagels at golf course each day. Opportunity to win tons of prizes. But there’s much more than that.. see a full listing of what’s included.
Can I sign up over the phone?
If you would like to sign up over the phone, please call the tournament staff at 800-833-8798.
Is there a minimum age requirement?
Yes, all participants must be 17 years old or older to play in a handicapped division.

The Golf

What golf courses will I be playing?
Each participant will be placed in a flight consisting of four different courses. The courses that are participating will be listed at the PARTICIPATING COURSES page. You’re notified of your flight approximately 1 week prior to the start of the tournament.
Do you offer practice rounds?
Many of the courses that participate in the World Am offer practice rates and s listed on the host golf courses page.
What yardages/distances can I expect to play from?
2017 Yardage Guidelines

* Please note that yardages/distances are used for guidelines only. Actual yardages may differ.

Are there other ways to play before & after World Am rounds?
Yes! Various courses host optional skins events. To see a list please visit the Pre/Post Events Page.
Can I be paired with a friend?
We allow players to play in the same foursome in the Just For Fun Flight only. This is a non-competitive flight which you can read more about here.

Handicapped divisions may not request to be in the same foursome, though they may request to be flighted together. See next question for more information on flight together requests.

Can I be flighted with a friend?
We allow participants to be placed in the same flight for transportation purposes; specific pairings are made at random. Please read the below carefully if you have shared transportation plans:

You may request to play in the same flight as friend(s), but all players will have to play down to the lowest age group and lowest handicap bracket of the players involved. For example: If a 65 year old man with a 12 handicap wants to play with his 42 year old son who has a 7.5 handicap, both men would have to play in the 49 and under age group and in the flight that a 7.5 would play. The participant playing down into a lower flight will be able to play at the highest handicap within that flight (If the range was 5-8.9 then he would play at the 8.9 with his son staying at the 7.5). Keep in mind your handicap index may be based off of your lowest index revision of the last 12 months (August 2017-August 2018) or a World Amateur past history index.

Remember, even a difference of .1 in indexes could mean the difference in an entire set of courses. If you NEED to be flighted together you NEED to make these requests regardless of your difference in index.

For competitive reasons, requesting to be in the same flight as a friend DOES NOT mean you will be placed in the same grouping. All foursomes are made at RANDOM for Rounds 1,2 & 3 and by Standings (PGA TOUR Style) for Round 4.

The tournament committee requires all Flight Together requests to be made on the Handicap Submission Form completed in mid-August. No Flight Together requests will be accepted after the handicap submission deadline has passed. Absolutely no changes will be made to a player’s flight once flights are announced. Each participant in flight together’s must make the request of each other in order for it to be accepted. IE: If Player B is an 8 handicap that requests to flight into Player A’s 5 handicap, but Player A does not indicate he would like to be flighted with Player B, no change will be made to either individual.

The tournament committee reserves the right to deny a flight together request.

We ONLY allow players to play in the same foursome in the Just For Fun Flight. This is a non-competitive flight which you can read more about here.

Are caddies/spectators permitted?
Caddies are not permitted. Spectators are permitted if the course allows it, but may not ride in the same cart or communicate with the participants in accordance with USGA rules. Few courses will not allow spectators. Please contact each course individually to find out. Spectators looking to rent a cart, be advised the course may charge a rental fee if they have carts available. 

19th Hole

Where is the 19th hole located?
The 19th hole is held at The Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center 2101 N. Oak St. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. This is centrally located between our North courses and South courses.
Are drinks included with our entry?
Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are included during operating hours of the 19th Hole. Any person over the age of 21 must have a guest pass to enjoy the open bar – if someone does not have a pass they will not be permitted to enter the Convention Center grounds.
What is available at the 19th hole?
The 19th hole offers a little bit of everything; food from local restaurants, drinks, celebrity guest speakers, expo, and live entertainment each night.
Is parking included at the Convention Center?
As of July 1, 2015 the City of Myrtle Beach charges a $5 nightly fee to park at the Convention Center. This can be paid in advance upon check-in at the PGA TOUR Superstore to speed up entry to the Convention Center lots.
Are we allowed to bring a guest?
One guest pass is included with your entry. Please list their name upon registering. If you would like to change that name, please contact tournament staff. Additional guests are welcome to visit the 19th hole for an additional fee of $125. You can order extra guest pass(es) during the registration process or by calling into the tournament office 1-800-833-8798. Guest passes will also be available for purchase on check in days and at the Will Call of the Convention Center during operating hours of 6-9PM. We do not sell nightly passes
Can I bring my kids?
The whole family is welcome at the 19th hole!! Any persons under the age of 21 can attend the 19th hole FREE – you can pick up their YOUTH badge at registration.


What is the minimum or maximum handicap?
There is no minimum index however the maximum index allowed to participate is a 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women. If you maintain an index higher than those limits, it will be reduced to meet the requirements.
When are handicaps due?
Players will have two forms e-mailed to them. The first will confirm your index is USGA approved and will come out sometime in June. If you have trouble completing this form please contact tournament staff. Remember, staff will provide a FREE USGA handicap for registered participants via USHandicap.

The second will determine the index at which you will play and is sent on August 15th and due by August 17th. Failure to submit your index as USGA approved can result in being ineligible.  

What online golf handicaps are approved?
Any site that is USGA approved, will be accepted. Remember, keeping your handicap online does not ensure you are part of a USGA club within the online service. All online services have ‘Clubs’ in which you belong to. IE: A golfer from Chicago could be placed in the online club ‘Illinois Hacker’s Society’. All online handicaps must be a member of one of these clubs.
What is required to enter the World Am?
Each player must have amateur status (to win prizes) and if competing in a net division also have an active USGA handicap (or equivalent for international players).
What are the various age/gender divisions?
The tournament consists of nine divisions – Gross, Senior Gross (50+), Men (49 and under), Senior Men (50-59), Mid-Senior Men (60-69), Super Senior Men (70-79), Seasoned Seniors (80+), Women, and Just For Fun (no gender, age, scores or handicaps). Within each division, players are placed in flights of roughly 48 golfers each, based upon their incoming handicap index.
What if I have a birthday during the tournament?
The age group you will play in is your age at the start of the tournament. (i.e. I am 59 right now, I will turn 60 on August 31st (after the start of the tournament). Therefore will be placed in the Senior Men division (ages 50-59).
How are participants flighted?
Flights are broken down first by gender, then by age and then by handicap index. Each flight will have about 48 people. With two flights per course, there will be roughly 96 people per course per day.
How close are handicap ranges?
Flights can be as small as Men, 60-69 years old, with handicaps between 11.2-11.7 handicaps — and be as wide as Men 49 & Under with 0-6 handicaps. All flight handicap ranges are subject to participation. The more popular the age group and handicap, the more closely knit the handicap range will be.


Is transportation provided to the local golf courses?
You are responsible for your own transportation, but on registration day we do have a travel table where you can find people staying at the same hotel or people that are playing in your flight, so that carpools may be available.  
Which hotels offer discounts?
For a full list of our discounted hotels, visit our Accommodation Specials page.
How far apart are the golf courses?
Courses range from range from Shallotte, NC and go Pawleys Island, SC. With all of the courses that participate, they do spread out quite a bit. The World Am uses the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (World’s Largest 19th hole) as our central location. The Convention Center is located at 2101 N. Oak Street, Myrtle Beach SC 29579.

Tournament Information

When and where is check in?
Check in runs on Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26, 2018 at the PGA TOUR Superstore locations (one across from Broadway at the Beach and the other in North Myrtle Beach). This is where you can pick up your tournament info as well as your gift bag.

Only one location will be operational per day. See below:
Saturday, August 25th – NORTH MYRTLE BEACH PGA TOUR SUPERSTORE only, 9am – 7pm
Sunday, August 26th – BROADWAY MYRTLE BEACH PGA TOUR SUPERSTORE only, 9am – 5pm

You may NOT have a friend/family member pick up your gift bag on your behalf.  If you cannot make it to either check in day, you may pick up your gift bag at Will Call DURING operating hours of the 19th Hole (6-9PM Monday-Thursday).

What are the dates?
The four-round tournament will take place Monday, August 28th through Thursday, August 31st. If you have won or tied for first in your flight you play Friday, September 1st in the championship round.
What is the Club Choice Ireland Pairs Competition?
Run in conjunction with the World Am, the Pairs Competition is a 72-hole, two-man team event. A golfer’s net score in relation to course rating is his or her score for the Pairs. The 5 teams with the lowest combined team net scores in relation to their course ratings advance to the finals, which are held in conjunction with the Flight Winners Playoffs on Friday, August 31st. The winning team will be treated to a world class expenses paid vacation to Ireland provided by Club Choice Ireland. For more information, visit the Pairs Competition page.
What is the Cory Lemke Parent/Child event?
Scored the same way as the Pairs Competition, this event is limited to World Am participants that have a Parent-Child relationship (any generational gap). It is a 72-hole, two-person team event. For more information, visit the Parent/Child Championship page.
Who all is playing?
To see a list of this year’s current participants, please visit the Current Participants page under the “Already Registered” page.
Do you have a referral program?
Word of mouth has been and will continue to be this tournament’s best avenue for reaching new participants. We want to show our appreciation for those efforts, and are happy to announce a new referral program for participants. Read more about it here.
How can I volunteer?
We rely on the assistance of over 100 volunteers to help create this wonderful event. If you’d like to help put on the Largest Amateur event in the World, please fill out this form!
Who gets to play on Friday?
The winners of each flight (and any ties) as well as the top five IP teams will all play in the Championship round on Friday. These winners will have a brief informational meeting immediately following the closing of the 19th hole on Thursday evening.
Do we have to be at the Convention Center to win?
Participants do not need to be in attendance to win Prizes. Any prizes that are not picked up will be mailed upon request.
How do we find out if we have won prizes?
Daily Prize winners will be listed on the score sheets each day. Pick up for daily prizes is in the Convention Center. Random drawing prizes are announced at the end of the night on Thursday evening. Random drawing prizes will be listed on the leaderboard as well as online after the tournament has concluded. Any prizes not redeemed at the 19th Hole and all information regarding the RDPs will be mailed out after the tournament upon request.


What is the cancellation policy?

The World Am will refund participants based on the date of the cancel request being received by tournament staff:

  • between date of entry and end of day August 2, 2018 – $40 processing fee.
  • between August 3, 2018 and end of day August 14, 2018 – $140 processing fee.
  • between August 15, 2018 and end of day August 24, 2018 – $240 processing fee.
  • after August 24 no refunds are granted regardless of nature of request.
What are the tournament rules?
The World Am follows USGA tournament rules. For a full list please visit the USGA Website. Specific rules questions may be asked at the courses, and each evening there are Rules Officials at the Convention Center to help in assisting with any further rules questions not already answered. A brief rundown is also listed HERE.

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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