World Am Player Profile: Ed Saylor Likes Winning Skins!

saylorEd Saylor

Hometown: Westlake, Ohio

World Am Experience: Sixth year

What initially attracted you to the event?
I had heard about it and a friend of mine had been coming for almost 20 years. I have a place down here so I came down and played to see what it was like, and I’ve been back ever since.

What brings you back?
It’s the tournament, the skins games, the 19th Hole, being in Myrtle Beach – the whole thing.

Why play in one of the pre-event skins game at TPC?
I’m hoping to win $1,500!

What is your 2014 course lineup?
Abeerdeen, Barefoot Norman, Thistle, Indian Wells

What’s your favorite part of the World Am?
It’s always fun to see the Gosling girls and the tilted kilt girls, but on the course, any time you can win a skin that’s good

When you go back and someone asks you about the World Am experience, what do you tell them?
I tell them it’s a lot of golf, but it’s a lot of fun. In fact, this year I have a blog I’m writing for a daily league I play in (so guys can follow his progress).

How is Myrtle Beach as a host of the World Am?
I have a place down here so I like the area, and I like the golf. I think overall it’s a great place to come. There is a lot to do.

What restaurants would you recommend to newcomers?
I try to go middle of the road as much as possible when I’m not at the 19th Hole. I like Flamingo Grill, Thorny’s, and I go to Ruth’s Chris every now and then because we don’t have them in Cleveland. At Market Common, PF Chang’s and Gordon Biersch (are good).

What is your favorite Myrtle Beach golf course?
Grande Dunes. It’s scenic and they’ve done a lot with the landscaping. I’m playing True Blue this year and I’m looking forward to that. I hear it’s nice.