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Ryan H. Things that make you go HMMMMMMM. There was a player last year that will remain nameless at this stage. After day 1 he was DQ’d by the WAM Hcp committee for submitting incorrect information on his handicap. This same person had entered both Jason Corums and myselfs side events. Jason DQ’d him as well and this guy made a bit of a scene at the 19th hole. Well I gave him the be benifit of the doubt and allowed him to remain in my side event to be diplomatic, but reduced his handicap by 5 strokes. On Day 2 he returned another good score of 65 net after the 5 stroke reduction. Hmmmmm. Now I was suspicious. I allowed him to go another day thinking that if he shot a normal round every thing would be OK or if he would hang himself. BUTTTTT NOOOOOO. He once again carded a net score of 66 to which he returned to me and tried to collect a $400 prize. When I informed him he was DQ’d from my event he became abusive and violent and almost caused a emabarrasing scene at the 19th hole.

If he hadve returned those scores in the WAM he would have shot net 66 – 60 – 62 off the handicap that he stated was correct and that he had just played well.

My question is, if he returned those scores to me as legit scores in an attempt to cash in on my prizes I sure that he would have entered those same scores onto his index. I still have a record of last years side event and very much doubt that any of these scores were submitted thus making his submission of this years handicap index incorrect and false thus being once again a snadbagging cheat.

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