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Ken Delaney

Yes, Scott G., let’s hope the TC chimes in on this.

I agree with Harry in that if markers are moved up/back significantly, there should be an adjustment to what slope/rating you are posting to. You can’t legitimately add/subtract 600 yds to a course and give it the same rating. Years ago, we played a WA tourn. round at MBN West course. Well they had us at the tips(~6800-6900 yds). At the time, I was in the 13-14 hcp range. This is a LONG way for that level of player, BUT if you look at the S/R it’s like 72ish/120ish. That means the level of difficulty isn’t there for such a yardage.

If Harry enters his score himself, then HE could just enter it as playing the “forward” tees if the “whites” were on the usual “gold” boxes (or whatever). The USGA doesn’t care where you play from, as long as it’s entered accordingly. Now if the TC entered for him, then he has a gripe.

As for playing to a certain “colored” tee, people should pay attention to a yardage or slope/rating that they are comfortable with. That way if you go to a course that has a higher slope/rating from it’s “middle/white” tees, all you have to do is move up to the next box and enjoy your round!! There’s no shame in playing the next one up if where you’re at is eating you up.

Like the great Mr. Palmer said “PLay it forward” and “While we’re young”!!

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