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Tommy Briggs

In 2015 the first round was called due to inclimate weather, and brother was it inclimate. My roommate and I had to bring our bags in, take out all the clubs, everything in all the pockets was drenched, it was an absolute nightmare considering we had to go back out the next morning.

A couple of years later we were playing in the State Mid-Am and played the last 6 holes in a monsoon, again, everything in the bag was drenched, I remember sitting in the hotel room with the hairdryer trying to dry out my gloves.

Anyway the point is this, a friend of mine asked me if I had ever looked at a golf bag condom. If you have never looked at a golf bag condom I strongly encourage you to. We played the City Championship today and finished in a rain storm. I had my golf bag condom on and when I got home and took it off, my bag was perfectly dry. It is an absolute must along with rain gloves for any golfer who is forced to play from time to time in inclimate weather. They are available on Amazon for $25.00 and here is the link if anyone is interested.

PGM Waterproof Rain Cover Rain Coat for Golf Bag


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