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    Chandler Wells

    Great Story Louie! Thanks for sharing!

    Like I do almost every year, I will add my $.02…

    This will be my 6th year, and I enjoy coming down, staying with a friend and always bring the hopes of a yearly improvement from previous. My complaint with the Committee and the Handicap process is as such… I play in South Central PA in a Men’s Association of about 140 players. We play 14 events from April-September. All events are flighted and everyone has a course handicap that most likely differs from their GHIN, and the course handicap is what is used.
    Since 2016, my personal GHIN has varied from a 5.8-8.1, and I am currently holding at 7.5. I am 52 years old and typically my handicap drops a little as the temperature raises yearly. I will most likely be in the Flight 10-11 range and somewhere around 6.5-7.0.
    Here is my concern…In my previous 20 rounds at the World Am, I have only shot 80 1 time, less than 85 twice and 17 times 86 and above, 12 of which over 90! I always have an issue with being at sea level, the Bermuda rough, the greens, the heat and the grind of 4 consecutive “Play it down tourney rounds.” I wish the Committee would recognize a players previous WA scores and issue a WA index that is specific to that player?! I am not saying I am slighted, or at a disadvantage, but I do feel they lose players for that reason.
    I don’t ever come down there to WIN MY FLIGHT, only hopeful to improve as I feel I am personally at a disadvantage because of my difficulties with all the conditions mentioned above.
    Who knows, maybe 1 year I myself will find lightning in a bottle and actually shoot my handicap down there…80-79-82-83 and win my flight? (I doubt it)…But, it would surely end my 6 year run of coming down if it did happen and they adjusted me to not win or DQ’ed me. I would never participate again!
    For now, I show up for the value, comradery and the chance to maybe win a nice skin! Sorry for the length here…Again, just my $.02!

    Bruce Friend

    Why get in a huff over a hypothetical? And your hypothetical is if you do “shoot your handicap”, you won’t get DQ’d. That is the whole point of the system. Now beating your handicap in a serious manner over four days, well there is something amiss and I would guess you will be get called on the carpet.

    Good luck and I hope you do enjoy shooting your handicap 4 straight days. I know I never have.

    Chandler Wells

    Yeah Bruce, I know I won’t and I wasn’t even in a huff…Just stating I love to come down there and hope to improve my play year over year! Also, fully aware that is nowhere near my actual handicap…LOL

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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