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    Dave Esqueda

    Hello, my name is Dave Esqueda, and I can run the skins game for flights 48 and 49. Cost is $100. 20-20-20-40. Complete runs will be on your golf cart when you arrive at tge course on Monday morning.

    Dave Esqueda

    Dave here again. Sorry for type mistakes. Did it without my glasses. Should be rules on golf cart. Will be in the snack area every morning by 7:30 am.

    Ken Delaney

    Hello all,
    I have run the skins games in my flight several times in the past. Most of you should know me if you’re around the same hcp as in the past. I am offering to run the game this year for Flights 3 & 4 if no one objects. The breakdown will be as follows:
    Monday – $20
    Tuesday $20
    Wednesday – $20
    Thursday – $40
    Or you can pay for the entire week on Monday and fah get about it ($100). Cash only please!!!

    Rules are same as in the past. Gross birdies or better scores only (no net). You MUST report your score THAT DAY. I will NOT accept any birdies, etc the next day. I will pay out the day of unless you have to leave and in that case, I will gladly pay you the next morning. Here is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE:

    I will NOT, repeat, NOT accept a course card to prove your score. I will only accept your WORLD AM card or a picture of it. It must have 2 signatures also. NO ACCEPTIONS!!! If you get done golfing before me and can’t wait, you can text me a pic or you can kindly wait around in the lounge until I finish my round.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at teeitup914@gmail.com or text me at 302-463-5241.

    Cheers everyone!!

    Charles Romero

    Hey Scott what skins did you run last year?


    Hi, My name is Dan Monico. I’m offering to run the skins game if no one else is doing it.

    Info for the Senior Flight #18 & (#19 if there is interest) (50-59); Combined Flights Skins Game info!

    Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

    If no one steps up I will certainly run the game this year. I have done it in the past in other flights and out in Mesquite. Never an issue. I will also have (2) other participants helping me out this year. It will be a gross game only. Birdies or better with 100% payout. $20 Monday, $20 Tuesday, $20 Wednesday & $40 Thursday ($100 for the week). I certainly will be there early enough for anyone interested in partaking. I will need to see your official scorecard at the end of the round or you can text me it if you can’t stay around. I will be in the bar area. Once all scorecards are in to the officials the skins results are closed and I will start paying out. If you can’t stick around for the payout I will give it to you that night or the next day. If needed the daily pot will carry over to the next day. In the event that there are no skins (or all skins cut) on the last day, I will conduct a random drawing with everyone’s name who played in our skins game. I will pull (5) names and divide the money up evenly.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions: topdog42@verizon.Net

    Ricky Herman

    I will be doing SKINS in Flights 20 and Flight 21. It will be $100 for the week. 20,20,20 and 40 on Thursday. Both Flights will be together on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and separate on Thursday. I Rick Herman and Jeff Stapleton have been doing skins in our flights over the years. Monday Jeff or I will be on the putting green or driving range to collect for the week. Most of the names in our flights have been in my skin games over the years. Any question email me at hermanricky53@gmail.com or text me at 2408311467. Thanks for all that have played over the past years. Rick Herman

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    Bill Hambrick

    I can run skins in flight 41. $10-10-10-20. I have done this the last few years.


    If no one is willing to do the skins in flight 22 and 23 I am quite happy to do it I’m informed that a person Robert Mills does it does it from year to year. Don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. If Robert wants to do it well and good i will step aside if he needs assistance I’ll be there to help if not i will do the skins. As usual I will donate a bottle of my wine to the longest putt each day of the tournament

    Dennis Daley

    Flight 24/25 Skins
    The last couple years I was in a flight that someone else ran the skins game. I ran the skins games prior to that. I am willing to run the game for these flights unless someone else steps up and wants to do it. I would prefer to collect for the entire week($100) but can do individual days if YOU want to find me before teeing off each day.

    I will show up early on Monday in order to collect as many as possible before I tee off. If I don’t get you before I tee off and you are interested in playing in the skins game you must text or email me before you TeeOff and I will stay after my round in order to collect your fee. Please make sure you find me when you are done.

    1.Only scores from your official, signed scorecard will be accepted(not the tear off strip on the bottom) A snapshot can be used to show, email or text me. Make sure I reply to your email or text. If not, call me.

    2.$20 for the first 3 days and $40 for Thursday.

    3.As long as my computer and printer don’t fail me, I will post the skins on the practice Green the next morning. For Thursday make sure I have contact info for you before you leave. (I will have this if you text or email your card to me.)

    4.If there are no skins that day or we have a rainout, the payout will carryover to the next day (assuming you paid both days).

    5.If there are no skins the last day, any tied eagles will split, we will then go to any ties on the most difficult hole (#1 HDCP, etc.) and those tied birdies on the most difficult hole will split.

    6.If there is a rainout the last day please see me before leaving for your refund. Text or email me if we don’t show up to the course.

    Dennis Daley 15137021820
    email ddaley1999@aol.com

    Jason Miller

    Bumping this to the top since some folks seem to not be able to read

    Andreas Mealey

    I (Andy Mealey) am willing to run skins game for flights 36-37 men’s 60-69 years old
    pot will be 15-15-20-25- total of $75 for the week. Would like to collect all monies
    on Monday but know some won’t see this post and will collect daily. I will be there
    early and will stay late to pay out. Birdies or better GROSS NOT NET must see official
    WAM score card with 2 signatures don’t come too me next morning and tell me a fish story
    not interested. Been doing this for 20 or more years so let’s have fun and all tie for

    Chandler Wells

    I plan to run skins for 10-11. I have done so past 2 years, and as long as there are no objections, I will again…
    *Mon-Tues-Wed are $20 each day. Thursday is $40. I prefer to collect all 4 days Monday before round, $100.
    *Birdie or better ONLY.
    *Not accepting photos, stop by and see me before you turn your signed scorecard in.
    *Cash winners paid same day.
    *No winners on a day, that days $$$ will carry to next day.
    *If you didn’t play no skin day, you can’t play the carryover day.
    * No skins final day, all birdies or better will chop even.
    *I pay the same $100, and do not rake…but I gladly accept Miller Lite or a tip if you choose. I do not expect either…

    If you are that guy that leaves all of your amazing shots on the range or putting green, make sure you see me prior to 8:25!!!

    robert mills

    Bob mills doing skins in flights 22 and 23

    robert mills

    Also guys flight 22 and 23 ..I been doing skins for last many years ..
    20 – 20 – 20 – 40 = 100 for week ..
    I will be there early each day ..
    Thanks. Bob mills 919-738-9544

    Tom McCain

    Bill Hambrick and I will run 40/41 skins with a par 3 contest. Collect prior to round daily, pay out end of round in clubhouse. Prefer WAM scorecard with 2 signatures. No fish stories the next day. You birdie, we need to know end of round.
    Skins – 10, 10, 10, 20 gross birdies or better. Ties cut, all cut rollover next day, all cut last day all birdies thrown in a pot and divided equally. Must be in previous day to participate.
    Par 3 – 5,5,5,10 Total gross score.
    Any questions, text me at 704-401-7255. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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