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    Scott Porter

    If you decide to run skins in flight 5 & 6 I have a Excel spread sheet I can send you that tracks everything pretty well. If you want it. Just text me your email and I will send it to you. 804-690-2773.

    Mike Daughtry

    If no one is willing to do skins for flights 30 and 31 I will do it. I have played in the world am for about 20 years. My name is Mike Daughtry and you can contact me at Email: mikedaughtry@ymail.com. I will give everyone my phone number and rules sheet the first day

    We will do $100 for week with $20 each day and $40 last day. Two tie all tie with birdies or better. If no skins any day will roll over to next day. If no skins last day, I will draw 5 names out of hat, and they will split money. If there is a rollover you must be in all the days that are rolled over. I prefer everyone pays the first day for the week it just makes it easier to keep everything straight.

    Thanks Mike
    Email: mikedaughtry@ymail.com

    Mike Cheeseman

    Mike I sent you an email.

    Gordon Muckenfuss

    Anyone running Flight 28?

    Mike Daughtry

    I got it Thanks


    Looking to join in on skins for flight 6 (49 and under) If anyone is already running it please let me know. First year player

    Bruce Friend

    Show up at your course at least an hour ahead of time and there should be someone out by the carts yelling “Skins” or in the clubhouse. Also ask fellow competitors where to find the skins guy. Usually isn’t hard to find the person but keep in mind, the guy is also a participant and they like to warm up before the round also so be early Day 1.

    Jason Miller

    thanks for that, Bruce! PSA FOR ALL! Also, be ready to pay the whole week at once.

    as a “skins guy” all help is appreciated in getting as many folks in as possible and keeping the administrative efforts to a minimum.

    ETA at MYR 48 hours. let’s go!

    Scott Porter

    I do not want to speak for him but Josh Wurzberger was thinking of running skins in flights 5 & 6 if no one else does.

    Tony Robison


    Sorry can’t help. I’ll be babysitting two other participants in the flight. Playing down two age groups to insure they can find their way back to hotel

    Chandler Wells

    @Bruce Friend…
    Agreed 100%…As the SKINS GUY, I do not use the range but will be there early as my ride partner does. If you are in Flights 10 & 11, please plan to sign up before practicing and for the 4 days of $100. Makes it so much easier!


    Mike StClair

    Flight 22 and 23 Harry I think Bob Mills is planning on running the skins in flight 22 and 23

    David Baker

    45 and 46 at World Tour on Monday. I will run a combined flight skin game, $100, $20-20-20-40 collected on Monday. I will be set up in the restaurant area.
    David Baker- Dbaker7848@aol.com. 757.580.6314

    Jason Miller

    David, it’s 44 and 45, just saying (have guys in our house in 44 and 46).


    Jason Miller

    Flights 1 and 2, here’s your invite/info: https://bit.ly/3CzL7yz

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 131 total)
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