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    Scott Porter

    If anyone wants to run skins I can give you my Excell sheet for collecting money and tracking the skins, I have done this for others in the past. It makes it very simple. Email me and I will send it to you. Tell me what flights and I can even copy in the names real fast.


    Mark Hancock

    Scott: I think you missed Andreas Mealey for flights 35-36.

    Scott Porter

    Thanks Mark

    Andreas Mealey

    Scott for your info Andreas (Andy) Mealey is running 49-50 Thanks

    Scott Porter

    Updated List

    Flight #1 – Jason Miller
    Flight#2 – Davis Hanna
    Flight# 5 & 6 – Ken Delaney
    Flight# 11 & 12 – Chandler Wells
    Flight# 13 & 14 – Donnie Penny
    Flight# 15 & 16 – Bobby Thomas
    Flight 17 & 18 – Scott Porter
    Flight# 21 & 22 – Rickey Herman
    Flight# 23 & 24 – Robert Mills
    Flight# 25 & 26 – Jim Paxton
    Flight# 31 & 32 – Rob Rabb
    Flight# 33 & 34 – Mike Daughtry
    Flight# 39 & 40 – David Bey
    Flight# 41 & 42 – Tom McCain
    Flight# 43 & 44 – Dennis Daley
    flight# 49 & 50 – Andres Medley
    Flight# 51 & 52 – Dave Esqueda
    Flight# 58 – Michelle Livernois

    Chandler Wells

    Awesome Scott! Thanks!

    Jim Paxton

    Scott (and all),

    I have not totally decided to run skins for Flights 25 & 26 yet. I am willing to assist someone with running the game, but I prefer not to do it by myself.


    Dale Craig

    Steve Harsch will probably run flights 27&28.
    I posted on here last year and said I would be happy to run them last year and even communicated with several who thanked me and told me they would look for me. I spent several hours putting the spread sheets together and all the prep work and he showed up and acted like he owned the skins game. So I said fine, but next time check the BB so there is no conflict and others don’t waste their time.

    Alex Grebel

    Jim Paxton,

    I will go ahead and take the lead on Flights 25/26 skins. I definitely can use a hand as I collect $$ and to read scores to me because I’ll put them into a spreadsheet after golf. I’m not going to post the rules in here but similar to most in here – $100 for week, text photo of signed card, etc. I’ll print up some sheets with those rules and info for everyone that signs up on Monday AM. I’ll get to a Litchfield nice and early Monday AM – see you there!

    Alex Grebel

    Jim Paxton

    Sounds great! Looks like we’re playing together at Litchfield. See you Monday!

    Mike Sterner

    Does anyone in flight 53-54 know if there were any unclaimed skin money after Tuesday’s round at Diamondback? I never got up with skin guy on Wednesday with all the rain.

    Thanks, Mike Sterner (919-698-3789)

Viewing 11 posts - 121 through 131 (of 131 total)
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