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    Do any of you have any idea on how many different combinations there is to color coordinate color shoes, socks, nickers, belts, shirts, hats and gloves. A Kaleidoscope of Clothing that took me 3 hours to arrange but it has finally done

    Mike Cheeseman

    Harry just wear your skirt and you will be fine. Lol


    I need to then I can hit from the Forward Markers. Sheeeesh. Have you seen my courses. I’m playing from longer than 6400 yd with a slope of 130+ I am an old man with a busted arm how can I compete

    Mike Cheeseman


    Tony Robison

    Did you pack cheese to go along with that whine, I’m playing down from mid-seniors into the mens (0-49) and got a course slope of 138 and over 6700 yds

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    Lol Tony as I’ve said many many timrs before anything I post here is in jest.
    I am just a loud mouth buffoon who enjoys the game and everybody’s spirit
    The basic thing here is that I get haven’t seen my son in 22 years who is flying in from Australia to play in his 1st event. As long as I can get 3 practice rounds with him Friday Saturday Sunday I don’t care how I play in the 4 days this this is going to be one fantastic week

    Mike Cheeseman

    Harry we know you like to talk and play around. Enjoy your time with your son and cherish every moment.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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