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    Billy Burwick

    Just curious if there’s anyone else like me driving due to the cost of airfares and rentals in MB?

    Dave Esqueda

    Flew from California for 10 years, retired to Eastern-Tennessee. Now for the last 6 years, I am able to drive to drive to Myrtle Beach.


    I have a 13 hour drive from Indianapolis starting out at 8 PM next Wednesday night as soon as I lock up the golf pro shop.
    Hi Dave we are still looking for 1 on Friday somewhere about noon and on Sunday at world tour golf if interested

    Mike Cheeseman

    13 hour drive from Windsor Ontario Canada. We drive about 9 – 10 hours spend the night then get into Myrtle around noon on Saturday and register.

    Bill Hambrick

    Leaving Wed. A M. 498 miles about 8 1/2 hr drive from Ashland, Ky. I drove a truck over the road for 36 years so that’s just a morning drive.

    Michael Salvo

    Drove last year from Boston. This year we’re Flying into Savanah and driving to MB. Booked Flight, hotel and Rental in January while rates were good.

    We Made the Mistake of going thru PA going down added many hours..

    Good luck.

    Billy Burwick

    Thanks Michael,

    I am not going that route! I am leaving at like 4am on Saturday.

    Lindy Sullivan

    Driving from Huntington WV Friday evening, usually takes about 8 hours..

    Dale Craig

    My first time playing in the WA was in 2016. I flew into Charleston and picked up my rental (they didn’t have the car I reserved so they upgraded me to a Camaro, which didn’t suck). Anyway, on Friday the hurricane hit and I woke up to news my flight was canceled and I would not get out til Saturday late. So I called the rental car company and asked if I could drive the Camaro home. They were great and said I would not be charged extra due to the hurricane emergency. So I immediately ht the road at 7:00 AM and I plugged in my home address in Syracuse NY and headed home in torrential rain. I was making good time once I cleared the coast and My Garmin GPS said I’d be home just after 7:00 PM. Unfortunately I did not have a car charger for my phone and after about 6 hours my phone was almost dead, but I had the GPS working. But as luck would have it it was sending me straight thru DC traffic on Friday before Labor Day. That little traffic routing added over 4 hours to the trip and I pulled into my driveway at 11:30 PM.
    So this will be my first time driving to the WA but I will be skirting Washington and even though it is longer I fully expect it to be quicker. The only way I would go the shorter route is if I were going thru late evening or early morning.

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    Tom Doughan

    Beginning a 21 1/2 hour (+ stops) drive from Minnesota on Wednesday.

    Brian Cote

    Driving down from Springfield, MA. Heading out Friday around 3pm.
    probably stopping in VA for the night and will finish up the drive on Saturday and register.
    Skins game at Caledonia on Sunday!

    Paul Fortier

    Driving from Rimouski, Québec, Canada. A 22 hours drive done in three days (stops and golf). A real journey.

    Billy Burwick

    @briancote Maybe next year we can carpool!
    I am going to leave around 1am sat morning.

    Bruce Friend

    I’m all about car pooling but the issue is getting to the courses once in Myrtle. I’m only coming from Atlanta and we always have more people than cars and doing the logistics of getting golfers to their courses since we are all in different flights is a challenge. I’m very fortunate to have made good friends with one of the posters on this board and every year meet up with him and he and I ride to the courses together as we are usually in the same flight. Plus, I always enjoy the conversations to and from the course and it is part of the overall wonderful experience. Keep it in mind when you are car pooling from long distances. Or not, your decision.

    Billy Burwick

    Thanks Bruce very good points.
    I can get along with pretty much anyone and enjoy meeting new people.
    I will be solo and have a car so I will be happy to help someone in flight 19.

    Life is too short and Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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