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    Daniel Rousseau

    is it just me or all the hotel prize when up this year mine when from 1400.00 to 2200.00 thats 60 % thats a condo for 2 weeks and it is with there 30 % deal

    Jay Seifert

    Looks like a lot of typos that may change the actual subject matter but if you concern is condo PRICES due to the rates from the one you have been renting having been increased from $1,400 to $2,200 for the two week period the question/solution is simple. Rent from someone else for that period. I own a 2 bedroom/2 bath OcenaView condo that is in an OceanFront building (so sitting in my living room you have a beautiful view of the breaking waves). Your previously rate of around $700/week is in-line but most all condo’s are owned by private individuals who have the ability to increase their rental rates. The simple solution is to simply book a different unit at a more competitive rate. Last year I skipped this event and our rental income for that week was around $800. You can rent golf course condo’s for about 50% of my oceanfront unit.

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    Daniel Rousseau

    thanks Jay that’s what we did i tried the north side this time , use to rent at litchfield for the last 3 years i just tot the increase was a bit much for no apparent reason, now all we need 4 nice golf course and great weather

    chuck cole

    Tried to rent at golf course resort, where we’ve been staying for many years, but this year’s rate was double, so screw that idea. The place has 3 well known courses :).

    Rick Kimbrell

    By now, our group would have already rented our hotel rooms. But, we are still debating on where we will stay. Our place the last bunch of years went up last year and there was nothing to show for the price increase ($20+ per night not counting the increase in tax). The rooms certainly were not updated to warrant such an high increase in price. I have done the south end stay and the north end stay before and will do neither again. Just too much out of the way. Seemed like all I did was drive (to the room, to the course, back to the room, to the convention center, back to the room..just way too much driving). Personally I prefer to stay more centrally but want to avoid the traffic on 501 as much as possible. Then you look at reviews for most of the decently priced places and geez…they suck. So, we are still in debate mode on where to stay this year.

    Terry Cornelius

    I’m still in debate mode too. Still have not decided between 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom. 15 year old daughter will most likely bring a friend. That leaves 7 year old boy on the pull-out for a week. hmmm. Always like to stay on the water too….don’t mind the drive up to NMB so much. Looking for a place with at least one water slide….a sauna or steam room is a bonus!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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