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    Scott Greenwell

    Congratulations Harry! 2020 World Am Champion!

    Bill McArdle

    You’ve got this tournament figured out. Good job

    Mike Cheeseman

    Congrats Harry

    Danny McDaniel

    Congratulations Harry on winning your flight and then the title of World Am Champion. Wish I could have been there. Whoopie my friend!!!!!

    James Carter

    Congratulations Harry!!!


    I would like to thank all the people who have called, text, FB me with well wishes and congratulations. Honestly it has been quite overwhelming with my cell phone on constant buzz since this afternoon.

    I would like to thank Scott, Ryan and the rest of the WAM staff for the magnificent job they have done this year in trying conditions. With the unknown being a day to day thing I was amazed that they considered all possibilities and contingencies with the tournament being a huge success.

    As for the conditions of play and rules, ie, 1 person to a cart and threesomes I thought this was a big factor in the smooth running of each flight at each course. In relation to some of the course conditions, yes there were a few unhappy campers but considering the restrictions that is put on staff and ground keepers it is reasonable to assume that some of the courses may have been below their normal standards but that is something that is out of your control and all players in your flight are playing under the same conditions.

    In relationship to handicapping monitoring I think that the system is working fine to protect the integrity of the field. I recall several years back that several of the yearly winning scores of the Championship round ranged between -11 to -7 which was a bit abnormal BUT this year the scores were more realistic with the final winning score ending up with a playoff at only 1 stroke below each players allotted handicap for the final round, so by this it just shows that the system is working perfectly and the staff know what they are doing and do it in a professional way.

    once again I feel very blessed, honoured, and very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of this great tournament and I will do every thing in my power to encourage others to attend in future years in this bucket list of things to do on your golfing resume.

    Wishing all participants and family safe travels as you head to you home destinations, hoping to see you all again next year at the 19th hole where the first beer will be on me

    Raymond Blank

    Well done Harry.

    Daniel Rousseau

    well done nice to have your last hole on video for the win wow hopefully next year we all going to be able go back enjoy my friend

    Robbie Baker

    Congratulations my fellow Hoosier!!! I”m glad I turned around and came back to the course and stopped you before you got on the road. I’m sure the tournament staff would have contacted you but who knows what the outcome would have been. I look forward to seeing you next year.


    Yes Robbie thank you very much it helped a lot I had in fact received a message from the world and staff when I checked my phone a few minutes later but it was very generous of you to turn around and let me know the status of the tournament I hope to meet up with you again next year contact my any time and if your close by we can play a few rounds during the year in Indianapolis

    Ron Zietak

    Congrats Harry, well played.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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