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    BL Oliver

    This year was very difficult for the guys in the 60-69 (Mid-Senior). Every course was well over 6200. The first day at River Hills it was soaked. When asked about LCP we were told no, you’ll just have mud on the ball, this is a tournament you know. Every set of tees were max’d out in the box. Aside from the par 3 and 5’s, the par 4’s were 380+. So that course which was listed at 6400. Was actually playing over 6800+.
    This happened on every day, adding 400-600 yards to the stated length. 200+ Par 3s. Really?? At least the other 3 courses were kind enough to do LCP.
    As I was talking to the guys most all established their handicap at courses from senior tees at 5800-6000. I’m not getting into the slope thing or anything else, I’m just saying the facts as I know them. I know everyone will think I’m whining, but I’m not the only one that felt this way. Playing one up from the tips as Senior players in the high end of the age bracket is just no fun. Even the USGA has tees for seniors that are fair. On going to miss the friends I’ve made over the years, but when the golf is no fun and cost are rising, it just doesn’t work for me. Yeah I played like crap and that is on me, but when you can’t find your ball 3 yards off the fairway it is no fun. Just saying! Ollie by Gollie saud it!

    Dean Edwards

    Yeah I feel your pain even though I’m very long off the tee for a 60 to 69-year-old the guys I played with guys didn’t have much of a chance if they were lucky they got there in three had to try to one putt for a par on any Par Four which is not fair. Or hit a fairway wood into a par 3 also played with guys that couldn’t even get over the water or any other kind of Hazards and would end up having to take a nine

    Andreas Mealey

    Dean what flight were you in? Senior’s ? Because Diamondback was also long and pro even warned
    us there won’t be great scores

    Dean Edwards

    I played Diamondback on Wednesday like I said I hit the ball still a long ways so distance wasn’t a problem for me I’ve played really well on the course had 7 1 putts to save par golf gods were with me shot real good got DQ LOL but the people I played with really struggled on the course A lot of them couldn’t even get over the hazard felt bad for them

    Dean Edwards

    Been planning these events since it started turned into kind of a joke don’t think I’ll ever come back

    Bill Eslick

    Diamondback just killed flights 38 & 39…handicap range of something like 17.3 to 18.9…only 26 or 27 golfers out of 102 broke 100…the course played close to 6200 yards with three or four holes having forced carries at or over 180 yards…two tee boxes had the tees set three steps or less from the back of the longest tee box…when the pro said he would not have put us on those tees you know it will be a long day…it also did not help our group that we a very vocal, offensive, drunk (18 beers in 18 holes) in it…it is also not fair to anyone in the pairs competition…basically this bad round took them out of two tournaments…

    Tom Doughan

    BL Oliver,

    I know about that pain. I was playing the same rotation as yours but in Flight 23. Remember, that 6,800 yds are actually closer to 7,100 or 7,200 due to sea level versus back home elevation. We were “commenting” (I use that term tactfully) on the setups all week and how they were impacting us old boys excepting about a dozen or so long ball hitters.

    On our Closest to the Pin contest, we lasered it at 193 yards! That is a setup used when there is a car, shotgun, or some other large prize at stake – not for a dozen golf balls. Absurd! All week on the par 4’s I was hitting second shots anywhere from 165 yds to 215 yds into the greens. Not so easy with the rough we had when I missed fairways. According to my stat app, for the 62 holes we got in I used 15 3-wood (1/3 as tee shots) and 35 hybrid shots. The only thing that made the week any fun were my groupings each day. I felt lucky to have some fun ones so the week went by way too quickly.

    At least the overall champion came out of Flight 23. Congrats to him! It’s great to see a single digit player win the whole thing since it has only happened about 9 times, I think.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Tom,
    You know I was looking at Terry’s round Friday the golf god’s seem to be with him for sure because it is rare that a low handicap wins this thing it’s seems to be set up for the higher handicap players as they do win this more than anyone…wish it could be done a better way but just don’t know what way that could be so guess we are just stuck with this one. If you look at Chris Hebert T2 @ 72 he had a 9 on number 18 that cost him the win more or less he was a 10 handicap know he is feeling a bit sick about that hole now and has played it over several times in his mind lol..

    Any way thanks to all the staff at the world AM for another year of hard work and time put in…don’t know what happen to Thursdays round not being set up by flight scores as it has been done in the past when we did shotgun starts that sucks as I know all flight leaders and down would like to be playing with who they have to beat I know I would just my 2 cents worth…
    And congrats to Terry Ream on a well played 4 rounds of golf !!!

    Mark Hancock

    I agree. The course lengths for the mid-Seniors were definitely long and played even longer in the wet conditions. I consistently hit driver and then a fairway wood or rescue club on all par fours. It wasn’t a lot of fun and completely different from previous years.

    John Decatur

    I played in the over 50 flight and we were playing the same course lengths I played in the under 49 flight. The courses were set up at the exact distance the card said. No tees were moved up all played the tips of the tees we played. That is my biggest complaint they don’t take the course conditions into the setups. International Club was a swamp and they had us play back on every tee. I agree it isn’t fun but the world am never changes the script. Every week on the pga tour they play some holes with the tees up for a risk reward. Not at the world am we have to play the tips of the assigned tees. I just don’t get it we want to have fun not be tortured.

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