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    That is correct Bob we play every Wednesday with a mems group and roll the ball everywhere drop out of bankers and within the leathet of the putter is good. My buddy who is attending the this year for the 1st time regularly shoots in the high 90s but then on the flip side on Mondays we play with the state seniors tournament at country clubs everything is played down fantastic greens and putt everything out his best score from 8 rounds this year is a 108 it’s amazing how different it is


    I always play the ball as it lies and take no gummy putts.

    Bruce Friend

    I always play the ball down but if my opponent gives me a putt, i’ll take it. Need to worry about the present and my wallet at that time. But I agree with Harry. Those that are loose with the rules will suffer when one plays without those lenient stroke savers.

    Billy Burwick

    “How many of you are playing the ball down and actually holing every putt??) not doing there 2 things can actually deflate your handicap by 3+ shots. Most to not do this and therefore the “career rounds harder to obtain”

    I have been playing everything out just to prepare for the WA.

    Mike Cheeseman

    I always play it down and putt everything. The only time is if the course is wet then we decided as a group to play Lift-Clean and cheat.no sense playing if you don’t play by the rules. Like hockey, if the puck is in the crease is it a gimmie for a goal.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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