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    Mike Sigmon

    You know for the last 2 years I’ve seen the East Coast Party Band and they not only did a great job they packed the ball room and dance floor both years…I’m sure that they have most likely lined up the Entertainment for each night in the ball room but sure would like to see some other bands like the East coast party band each night…Jim Quick and Coastline a myrtle beach area band would put on one heck of a show and would be good pack the ball room out I’m sure if they were available one night for this week….Just my 2 cents worth….


    Mike , one of the many reasons I have been convinced not too come this year and too come a week earlier with friends that I was suppose too come down with that decided not too play this year because of the increase and the boring entertainment after the first night, heard the other 3 nights the dance floor was empty and heard Taylor Hicks was a hoot, lol

    Rick Kimbrell

    Dance floor was empty? Can’t say about people dancing because I do not go in there and dance but the ballroom where the dance floor is and where people go to listen to the music was full every night last year. Again Wayne…you have friends who are the sour grape type. As Mike said above your post…packed the ball room and dance floor. Wayne…stop listening to people who just do not want you to come.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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