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    Ricky Napper

    Yes the numbers have fluctuated however we are still over 2150. I think some of the changing quarantine requirements are making it tough on people to take time off then return home to 14 days of quarantine.

    I hope we can all stay positive and not panic about the numbers. Look at it this way, improves the odds of winning. 25 days. Again, thanks to the WA staff for staying vigilant.

    Let’s play golf!!!

    Bill Hambrick

    Ricky I also will be leaving Ky 26 days heading to my Daughters in Greensboro N C for 2 days then on to Myrtle Beach for 12 days

    Ricky Napper

    Bill, Where are you in KY?

    Bill Hambrick

    Ricky, about half way between Corbin and Williamsburg, Rockholds just off of I-75 between exits 15-25. Where you from???

    Ricky Napper

    Benton, near Paducah used to live in Wise VA. What age and handicap will you be?

    Bill Hambrick

    Ricky, 60-69 age I am 64, about a 23 handicap

    Roy Andrews

    Guys I am thinking that this will be cancelled before we even get to start. I just hope they refund our money instead of what they did to the father son. So I think numbers will not matter just my two cents. I am holding out hope but from some talk I am hearing its not good.

    Aaron Ellis

    Don’t be a negative Nancy and be ready to play! This is no weekend thing! It’s much larger than all their other tournaments, if they were going to cancel I’d hope you’d hear something at least a month in advance, people have travel plans that they may not be able to cancel, they have time at work they may be taken off for! With over 2000 people the show will go on!


    I will be down there regardless. If they do cancel it, very much doubting they will, but they will have to give us a few weeks notice and everything looks like a go for Aug 15th handicap submission.


    If the worst comes to the worst I am shore those still attending the are would be able to play of a plethora of courses. That being said, I will be prepared to organize some form of competition for those interested limited to about 24 players.

    Most of you know me and have a good idea on how I run things to make it interesting and fun for all. So I dont see any problem with setting something like this up, but I personally dont see this happening as all of the courses are hurting for players and they will not turn 2000 potential green fees away.

    Being the fact that everything will be done on line, 3somes and tee times, I dont see a problem just the evening entertainment will be a bit restricted

    Tommy Briggs

    I think that while all of this is new I think we have to accept it is the new normal. Just because the number of cases spikes does not mean the country will shut down again. I think we all have to get use to the fact we have two choices;
    1. Stay at home in isolation and minimize your contact with the outside world.
    2. Live your life as normal with a few minor adjustments, (wear a mask – avoid large group of people without masks) and accept you have a one in a thousand chance of dying from a virus.

    I believe when it is your time it is your time and how does not really matter. I love life and golf and plan to live and play until I am not ale to, I will take reasonable precautions but I am not going to lock myself in my house in isolation. I believe they will find a vaccine but as soon as they figure this one out another will pop up.

    Charles Gray

    Drinking gsme is always on point…..golf is a different story!


    Looking forward to meeting you Charles. We had 2 drop out from the Beach House so they will be plenty of room to social distance. In addition I have prebooked a table of 8 at Greg Normans Grille on Tuesday 1st at 7.30pm if interested in joining us.

    I have also obtained a nice golf trophy to be played for by the occupants of our little group to make things more fun.

    Not long now, see you sson

    Ricky Napper

    Just reviewed the Gov guidelines effective Monday and he is clearly trying to safely expand the opening. With that said it appear that the tournament would be a great way to safely bring people to MB. Doesn’t mean things can’t change but I would say odds are good we will be playing.

    Bob Newman

    I honestly do not think it will be canceled. I spent a week at Surfside and we did everything we wanted to do. Golf was not a problem. The biggest issue I think we will have is registration. It will be a long line to get in and thru. The only issue I am concerned about is how many of the “sub par” golf courses we will be put on. With the number of golfers down,I would hope not at many courses will be used. My biggest fear is getting stuck on Founders Club again. JMO

    Tommy Briggs

    Bob based on what I have seen in other tournaments i have played in, I do not think there will be less courses used, I think we will use the same number of courses just less golfers per course to accommodate potential changes like:

    – one golfer per cart
    – tee times
    – course management
    – driving range availability

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 82 total)
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