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    Mark Hancock


    I know that you guys don’t have enough time to re-group every Flight in appropriate order for the 3rd & 4th rounds, but is it possible to at least group the top 8 in each Flight for the 4th round? That way, the 8 players who only really have a chance can at least be grouped with their competition.


    Or the top 8 players all crumble under the intense pressure of the competition, thus allowing the lower positioned players to unknowingly take the lead and battle towards World AM Victory?


    Rick Kimbrell

    Best of my recollection, on the 4th day they have been putting top top 4 players in first group off together followed by next top 4 players together. Don’t think that has changed. I know the years I have won my flight it was done that way.
    I do recall recall that one year, a guy in the top 4 decided he wanted to play with one of his buddies(and did so) and he did not get DQ’d which he should have been.


    Rick- that was what we did with a shotgun because it was all the same start time for everyone.

    As much as we’d love to go back to doing this there’s many factors preventing us. Communicating to the players a new time, re arranging the 8 players not in the top 8. You might as well re group all players at that point.

    Regardless of that it is not something we currently have the technical ability. most importantly we don’t feel comfortable communicating it to all players the night before and ensuring everyone is familiar. Would hate to see a missed tee time and DQ for such a reason.

    Jeffrey Topp

    This is my first time playing in the WA. Really excited and looking forward to it.

    I’m a gross division player, and have played in many tournaments around the country. Usually groups are paired based on score for the last couple of rounds. That said, I do understand this is an unusual format with so many players to manage. I would think the organizers would have something like “sub committee chairman” for each division and organize the tee times/groupings appropriately. Tee times can be broadcast by e-mail, group text, or even have players call the pro shop of the course they will be playing to find their tee times.

    I trust they know what they’re doing though or they wouldn’t have 3500 people sign up, with many repeat customers. LOL!!

    Good luck and have fun!

    Ed Guertin

    Rick Kimbrell,

    I also had a person do that in my flight on the last day a few years back.

    He was to ride with me however when I got to my cart there was another player sitting there and told me the original player moved to play with his friends. At the time I didn’t think much of it because we all tee’d off at the same time.

    I learned later he should have been DQ’d.

    Well, he did in fact win the flight and went on to play in the Championship round…

    Rick Kimbrell

    I completely understand Scott. Wasn’t thinking clearly probably because I am not a big fan of tee times for the event. 🙂

    Raymond Blank

    Mr. Mark
    As far as I know. The few times I was in the top 10 on Thursday. They grouped the top 4 players together and the next 4 players together and that also got to start on the first hole. I never knew that a player could remove himself from that and play with someone else in another group !! Isn’t that the whole point of competition? That’s what I want!! The nerves, butterflies. It’s why I love that game so much. I dream of one day seeing my picture in the paper saying ( the cinderella boy out of Saint Amant Louisiana win world AM handicap tournament in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I know go ahead and laugh but I am 69 years old. Who says I can’t dream the impossible. Lol

    Chris Sterner


    As a big fan of both tee times, and rearranging play on the last day for the top of the flight, have you guys considered setting up times for round 4 based on the scores through 2 rounds?

    With scores posted and printed, you could give out round 4 tee times on Tuesday night at the 19th hole, in addition to telling folks on Wednesday.


    The world Am had been using shotgun starts well…forever.. With the unfortunate introduction and restrictions of Covid; they were forced to change from shotgun to Tee-Times starts.

    The Pros:
    Shotgun – Allows all flight members to meet each other, organize skins games, and daily round leader re-grouping.
    Tee-Times – Makes room on the range and putting green for practicing, meets social distancing requirements.

    The Cons:
    Shotgun – No social distancing in cart staging area and or range/putting green. If you can even get a spot to practice due to people not warming up but hitting a full round worth of balls.
    Tee-Times – No daily round leader re-grouping and more difficult to organize skins games.

    I think if everyone gives the World AM some time they will either return to Shotgun starts( one day If allowed) or develop an automated system which could alert each player of their time via email/Text after every round.

    Until then I would hope that everyone will be thankful that the World Am is still taking place weather or not there is shogun or tee-times – Random groupings or Final Groupings – 19th Hole or Going out and paying for food and drinks.

    In the end, golf is about managing you expectations , being able to bend without breaking when things are not going the way you would have hopped. I am thankful to the World AM for find a way to allow us to continue to enjoy the game we love in a competitive way.

    Ricky Herman

    Best way to get the word out is to make the first 3 rounds tee times and the final round a shotgun. This will pair the leaders up and everyone at course the same time and getting done the same time.

    Tom Doughan

    Ricky Herman,

    Interesting idea. Thinking outside of the box…I like it.

    Bob Newman

    Personally speaking, I do not care to ever go back to shotgun starts. I enjoy the true feel of a tournament. Can plan your warm up time to suit you. No waiting on the driving range, room on practice greens to do what you want. Able to go from practice to first tee without delay.

    Mark Hancock


    I agree with the tournament feel and range availability, but most importantly, it turned a 5 1/2 hour round into 4 hours or so. Tee times were a huge improvement to pace of play.

    Jeffrey Topp

    I’ve played in some top amateur tournaments that do shotgun final rounds. The main reason is because they are a national event and get players from all over the country who would like to have a predictable final round tee time so they can schedule a flight home. It also helps the catering, award ceremony, etc.

    Some players adapt okay, others struggle with it. I’m okay with it, but I understand it can be frustrating when they double up tees and make 5+ hour rounds.

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