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    Raymond Blank

    Mr. Tom
    I have played this tournament many times. Never have I had a problem or heard of anyone else having a problem with tee times
    I don’t know what all is going on with this but everyone should stop and just go play golf regardless of a shotgun stat or tee times
    The world AM staff does a fantastic job
    Just go and play golf. Lol

    Bruce Friend

    I far prefer shotgun start but couldn’t agree more with the notion of just go play regardless and be thankful the WA staff works very hard to give us this opportunity. We are two weeks away and excitement is skyrocketing.

    Mark Hancock

    Well said Rich, David and Tommy. Scott and his team will figure out the groupings one day in the future, but for now let’s just go out and enjoy competitive golf. Golf Genius would really help the situation and the WA team wouldn’t have to re-group since everyone would know where they stood.

    For now, let’s keep with the tee times and have an enjoyable 4+ round of golf and then hit the beach.

    Ken Weatherford

    Ok, I must have missed something. I don’t recall ever having tee times. Maybe I am getting too old. As far as I know, we have always had shotgun start. When did we change to tee times and how do we know when they are? Do we get them from the Super Store?

    Scott Greenwell

    COVID/social distancing led to the implementation of tee times last year. You should get your times when you check in. It will also be on the World Am app.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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