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    Rick Kimbrell

    Know it is early February but I have already booked my hotel room for 2020 WA. Bit early to book flights although I have been checking rates. Same for rental cars. Actually American has a decent rate into MB until you add the $140 ($70 each way) for baggage. Hopefully Southwest will have good rates this year into Charleston.

    Kevin Wilson

    We have done the same but already got a good deal on flights to myrtle. Rental is reserved but will continue to check pricing to see if it improves. Good luck in your search.

    Dale Craig

    I usually finalize my car rental a month or more before my arrival but have also found that if I check regularly the last week or so that I can get an even better rate. The beauty here is that I have a reservation, but if something cheaper comes up then I can get it. Also, I always try to be as friendly as possible when I get to the counter and quite often if I ask if they have any last minute deals or they have a premium upgrade I can get that at that time. Car rental companies will often have premium cars that they are happy to lease out so the popular lower tier cars are available, 2 years ago I had a Nissan Altima reserved and inquired if they had anything better they wanted to give me for the same price. Well they did even better than that. I got into a Cadillac for 7 days for $119 for the week. Never hurts to ask and be nice. Also, I use my Costco membership to shop Car rentals. They get the lowest rates I’ve found.

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    Bill Hambrick

    Too early???? I booked our room the middle of Sept last year. Won’t need a rental car we always drive down, being I drive a truck a 500 mile drive is just a morning drive.

    Michael Linthicum

    I have also reserved my condo for the week, however im still not 100% on being able to play this year but i didnt want the rooms to get booked up in the location that i wanted. Even if i cant make it im only out $50.

    Tommy Briggs

    I am surprised more people do not rely on ride share. I have always tried to offer my car to transport other players.

    Danny Fox

    Booked my room right after Thanksgiving. Tommy I agree with you about ride sharing, I always offer for people staying near where I do but only had takers once.

    Linda Mathews

    Booked my room already. My boyfriend and I will probably be looking for ride share, we will only have 1 car and playing different courses. Already excited, is it here yet?

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