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    Robin Cooper

    Diane Vega,
    I am in flight 62 and we are playing the same courses and we are staying at the Strands. I can give you a ride all days.
    Robin Cooper

    Danny Hyde

    Good morning, all! I am playing in the tournament in flight 45 and will be needing a ride. My wife and her girl friend outnumber me so they are taking the car to courses for flight 60 and 61! Is there anyone in flight 45 or 46 that could get me from Holiday Inn, South Beach club to the courses on our rotation?



    Danny, I’m in flight 46 staying at Homewood Suites 520 N Ocean Drive and can offer you a ride. My email is jack.bennett3@yahoo.com

    Linda Hyde

    We are looking for a ride for my husband. He is playing in flight 45. We are staying at Holiday Inn Vacation Club South Beach. Anyone else staying there who is willing to share rides with him?

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    Looking for someone who can assist with a ride To Diamondback golf club on Wednesday. Flight 55 & 56 Seasoned players

    Diana Vega

    Thank you, Robin Cooper, I am looking forward to meeting you. My husband and I arrive Friday evening.

    Diana Vega

    Robin Cooper, my phone is (281) 455-3299.

    Robin Cooper

    Hi Diana,
    I have your number and I will text you. We will be at the Strand on Saturday.


    Flight 17-18 River Club I am looking for a ride from 5th-6th Avenue NMB or close by to River Club Monday I think I have all other days covered My roommates are all headed north on Monday

    Larry Mullins

    Hi all. I am in Flight 53 and staying at South Wind on the Ocean. If there is anyone staying around there with room in there car I would so appreciate a ride.

    greg messer

    Flight 23 or 24, First day, I need a ride to Crown Park. I’m staying at the foot of the 501 on Oceans Blvd, I can get a ride to a pickup point or if you’re close you parking lot. Gas share.

    Greg Messer 734-658-6051 gregoryme5609@gmail.com

    Ricky Lawson

    @ToddNC…..what hotel are you staying at? I am in Flight 18 and could possible help you out. Email me at Rnlawson90@hotmail.com.

    Donna Mackie

    Looking for rideshare for flight 7/8 Tuesday or 58/59. Only have 1 car for husband and wife. Staying in N Myrtle Beach area. Donna & Tom

    Van Tran

    Looking for a rideshare for flight 5/6 and 17/18. Staying on North 5th Avenue. Roommate and I have 1 car.

    @ToddNC – we might be able to help you out on Monday, as my roommate is in the same flight and both of our courses are fairly close to each other.

    email me at vantran20@gmail.com


    I am staying at Sheraton Myrtle Beach and I am looking for a ride (Flights 15 / 16). Please let me know on ramanareddy@heliosinsurance.com or message/call me on +1(551)352-7500.


Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 60 total)
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