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    James Carter

    I have a quick question for all the smart people on this forum. My girlfriend, who will be playing in the tournament again, is deathly afraid of bees or any bee-like flying creatures. Recently we were playing at our home course and her ball was in a greenside bunker that had lots of flying bugs. She would not go in to play the ball, even though they do not bother you. My question is, can this be deemed an unplayable lie, and she play the ball outside the bunker with a penalty stroke? I am all ears.

    Steven Daniels

    She can declare the ball unplayable, but the only way to not hit from the bunker is to take a stroke and distance penalty and hit her ball from the previous spot. You cannot use the other unplayable options to drop outside the bunker.
    Rule 28

    Ball Unplayable in a Hazard

    Q. May a player declare a ball in a hazard unplayable?

    A. The answer depends on the type of hazard the ball is in. If the ball is in a water hazard, the player may not declare the ball unplayable. He may play the ball as it lies, or proceed under the water hazard Rule (Rule 26-1). If the unplayable ball lies in a bunker, the player may proceed under any of the options listed in Rule 28. However, if he elects option b or c, the ball must be dropped in the bunker.

    James Carter

    Thanks for the information Steven.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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