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    Ricky Herman

    Well skins can be done now if your flights are teeing off on 1 and 10 on the first
    day. That means only about 1 hour and 20 mins of tee times with 36 players on the 1st
    tee and 36 players off the 10th tee. Collect the first day for the week and it will take
    two good people that like doing skins. Jeff Stapleton and Rick Herman have been doing it
    over the past 10 years in the 50 to 59 age group. This year we are moving up to the
    60-69 group and would do it for the first two flights of that age group but don’t want
    to bump the guy who did it last year in that age group. It means coming early and staying
    late to complete each day of skins. Just throwing it out to you guys. Feel free to hit me
    up with and questions or suggestions. hermanricky53@gmail.com THANKS Rick Herman

    jt foster

    Done it for 14 years !!! all you have to do is collect skin money on the first day for the week . Ask all that plays that they need to take a photo of the official Score card with signatures on it and send it to me by cell phone and i will get home and check all scores and will pay out every morning at the course. the last day we will stay around till all is payed out !!!!!!!! i will put my cell number in all envelopes that i give out to everyone that plays. i done flights 13-14 last year 50-59 age group. hdc should be the same this year . I will get to the courses at 7:00 am every morning and will be collecting skins and give out money for the day before !!!! Thanks JT FOSTER. CELL IS 706-459-8785

    Al Beard

    Newbie Question:
    How does your skins game work? Please explain, (and don’t tell me if I don’t know I should not play.). Seriously this my first WA, but I have been playing this game over 60 years. What is the entry fee, etc?

    Thank-you in advance for your response.

    jt foster

    Skins is the best score on the hole for the day Birdies or better!!!!! last year it was $20 a day in our flights or $100 for the 4 days you can call me and i can explain better !!!!! 706-459-8786

    Raymond Abernathy

    Thank you for running the flight skins game last year. You did a great job! If I end up in your flight, I will enjoy the golf, play in the skins game and buy you a drink.

    If I end up in the flights just below yours, I will volunteer to run those flight skins, since Rick and Jeff are moving to different flights this year.


    The normal for skins is $20 a day for this first 3 days and $40 for the final day. Any day that all skins are cut the pot carries over till the next day. IF . all skins are cut on the final day the pot is split between all those making Eagles, if no eagles the pot is split between all those making 2’s on par 3’s


    If I was the guy running the skins for any particular flight this is how I would run it.

    1. Once the flights are determined I would make a message on the board stating the cost of my skins and people can prepay early via Zelle, paypal or any other method prior to the tournament.

    2. I would get to the course early place a sign on the 1st and the 10th tee stating the cost of the skins and that if people are intrested in playing they have to text you their intentions prior to their tee time.

    3 I would collect money up until my tee time and then collect those funds from those plays who texted you after your tee time once they have come off of the course as well as inform everyone that they must text you with all the birdies and that no skins will we pay out unless you receive a text message only after they have been verified

    david tiano

    I have run the skins for years and there is always the questions:
    1. Do I know this guy and do I trust him with my money.
    2. Will all skins verified and all birdies recorded
    3. Wait to get paid.

    I will not be running the skins for many reasons to list but if you think about it.
    Say I am one of the first tee times. I won’t be able to collect from everyone as I won’t see most players. I can’t be playing my round and getting text from 71 guys with payment or questions or pictures of cards. Remember the skins guys is in the tournament also.

    The only way to do this is have the course do it and players pay in proshop before round. They probably (other reasons) will not do it.

    Have fun play well and bet with your friends individually.

    Just my thoughts

    Mike Sigmon

    David it will be tough this year doing the skins game but it can be done you might need a little help from one or 2 others…I for one would be glad to help in my flight if needed…

    If it was a way that it could be worked out with Scott that you could get the last tee time on Monday and let it be clear to everyone that skins must be paid for the week on Monday as Tuesday morning you could be first off or in the middle of the group of last off who knows..

    Now we are playing threesomes have someone in the group keep another score card for everyone that’s playing in the skins game record all birdies, eagles, hole in one if any and have the card signed by the group turn the card in then either players can wait at the course or they can get a print out of the holes that won scats the next day I’m sure the pro would let a sheet be posted on the front door of the pro shop or somewhere outside, The last day on Thursday people will just have to wait till everyone is in to see if their scores held up on any given holes…

    Also maybe have people when they sign up to get in the game leave there cell number ( be sure you can read it ) and a text can be sent to all the winners that have left the course for any given day to let them know to hang around to see you or one of the people that’s helping the next day..even if it’s the last day at least you have a way to get in touch with a person that has something coming to them…

    I do think it would be great if the course ran the skin games this year but that’s wishful thinking I believe

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    Raymond Blank

    Well I need to see the man that held the skins in our flight 2 years ago because I was told you only win a skin if you make birdie or better. The last day at Carolina National I made 4 pars in a row and nobody else did. What do you do about that? I just loose my money?

    Rick Kimbrell

    Raymond, I have been running skins at the WA for years. In the flights I have been in, it is ALWAYS birdies or better. Bear in mind, I have played in flights mostly 12handicap and lower. Now, with that said, a buddy of mine who used to come to the WA ran skins in flights where the handicaps were in the 20s. His skins were par or better.
    So, my suggestion, you find out before you pay your money what it takes to win. If you don’t like how it is being paid out…don’t enter. And, no…you didn’t lose your money. You just didn’t win according to the game that was being played.

    Rick Kimbrell

    I don’t see me running skins this year. First of all, I wouldn’t even bother doing skins with reduced numbers in the flights unless I ran it for both flights combined. I am pretty sure teeing off on both 1 and 10, it will be one flight off #1 and the other flight off #10…only makes sense. So I would have to have someone I trust to handle cash in the other flight…hmmm…not to many I trust to begin with and trusting them to handle up to $3600 in cash, not lose it, etc…just not interested. And, if that person gets the money stolen (happened last year) and I am the guy running the skins game…the players will want to hold me responsible.
    The logistics of tee times, not knowing what your own tee time will be until Sunday before we start playing, possibility of going of early and needing to get money collected after I have teed off, having someone to help you in the other flight on opposite tee box, when do they tee off, what about people behind them….does not look promising. And, we are talking about a lot of money…probably not quite this much but possibly up to $7200 total. Last year in the 2 flights I ran skins for, the total pot for the week was in excess of $5000. I never hit balls, I never practiced and never let the cash out of my sight.
    Call me old and grumpy but I think people will be looking for ways to get their hands on some of the money this year…and I don’t mean by playing and making birdies.

    Raymond Blank

    Thanks Rick. I plan to do just that.
    I go to play and meet old and new friends. The skins is just to make
    It interesting. Hope to win one this year. 😄

    Bob Newman

    Rick. What is your index going to be this year. I’m currently at 13.2 and don’t really see it changing before the 15th as I will not get to play until there and that is to be a scramble where I can’t post a score.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Bob, my low this year is 9.1. Retirement, playing a lot of golf, one really good week and….dropped like a rock. Crap, it is back up to 11.3 now. I am screwed. Hopefully draw courses that are shorter than what I normally play could possibly help but I doubt it.

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